Buying Sewing Fabric and Pattern Books in Tokyo

The main store of Tomato fabric with six floors in Nippori Textile Town Tokyo. There are some great deals here! The second Tomato shop across the street. It’s two floors and has top of the line Japanese fabrics. My favorite fabric shop in Tokyo was Tomato fabrics in the Nippori Textile Town district next to […]

Introducing The Craftcation Conference In Ventura, California !

Above are pictured Delilah Snell and Nicole Stevenson, who decided that it was time to combine two of my favorite things in the world: crafts and vacation. Enter their fabulous idea for the Craftcation Conference in Ventura a short drive from my old farmhouse. Hop on over using the above link and check out their website! Craftcation: […]

A 1958 Red Underwood Typewriter For Lily

My nine year old is a vintage collector. She has a collection of vintage Breyer horses, 60’s Madame Alexander dolls, and vintage Barbies. Ok, maybe she is a little on the eccentric side for her age. But I think she is totally cool! She always jumps out of bed on the weekends to go to […]

Sunday Galavanting At The Rose Bowl Flea Market !

Flea markets are fun for the whole family. Kids can learn a little history from the vendors, grown-ups can shop a little and everyone gets to people watch. We took the day off today and it was a beautiful sunny day here in Southern California. Above are a few photos of our fun time.

Housecleaning Outfit

Readers I have a confession to make.  I hate housecleaning!  But what I do enjoy is dressing for an occasion. When I took up playing tennis I searched down vintage tennis looks and when I had my rodeo horse a few years back it was all about creating a Dale Evans cowgirl look. Never mind […]

Visiting Portland and Seattle

I just got back from a trip to Portland and Seattle.We visited some of my relatives in Washington but made a side trip to Portland, Oregon. I have to say I  loved Portland! Having grown up in a place like Los Angeles, which is really just a conglomeration of suburbs with no real center, it’s […]

1964 Barbie Sewing Pattern! The Cluny Gown

Here is Miss Barbie in her silk taffeta evening gown made by my little Miss Lily with a some help from me. The fisheye darts and tiny pleats were a challenge for her but a big learning experience ! If you are trying to teach your kids to sew this is a great type of […]

Vintage Laundry Hampers:Beauty For The Boring

I will never like doing laundry but at least putting the dirty clothes in a pretty hamper is a nice way to hide all the dirty clothes. I love these old hampers and they really look cute in the bathroom. They also have nifty little holes in them for circulation. And you can stuff lots […]