Dressmakers in history : Elizabeth Keckley

  After reading Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker: A Novel I wanted to learn more about the subject of the novel, Elizabeth Keckley, former slave turned successful dressmaker in Saint Louis who purchased her own freedom; friend and confidante as well as dressmaker to Mrs. Lincoln; grieving mother and widow; author of a controversial and popular memoir; […]

An Early 20th Century French Communion Gown

I bought this cotton organdy gown two summers ago at a street market in Paris. I had meant for it to be a first communion gown for my daughter but I realized it was much too big, and to tell you the truth, it was very inexpensive.  I just wanted it. Today we finally found […]

Everyday Vintage And Our New Puppy

Introducing Miss Coco! A little chihuahua we found at the feed store. We love her… Everyday Vintage I found this blouse in a pile at a yard sale for 2 dollars. I fixed the pockets and patched the holes. It’s Jiminy Cricket from the old Disney  movie Pinochio! I have no idea how old this blouse is […]

My 1940’s Kids Sewing Patterns : Summer Sportswear

Today I am sharing some photos from my vintage pattern collection with you. Today’s theme is 1940’s warm weather children’s sportswear. There is one thirties pattern thrown in for good measure. I adore these old patterns as much for the sweet envelope art as the for great styles inside them. A peek inside a pattern […]

Dreaming of an Old Fashioned Clothesline

There is something sweet about the image of a mother and child hanging laundry at the clothesline together. Source: discoveryresearchgroup.com via Justine@sewcountrychick on Pinterest Source: rosenberryrooms.com via Justine@sewcountrychick on Pinterest It reminds me of simpler times when life wasn’t so complicated.The image of white linens flowing in the breeze on the line is such a […]

Photos from my Tokyo trip

It was the week of the peak of the cherry blossoms. Can you see the cherry blossoms falling like snow? Seniors having a Hanami party under the cherry blossom trees. A Japanese child enjoying the Hanami. ( Cherry blossom) Me standing in fron of the 160 year old sushi restaurant at the Tsujiki fish market. […]

My Visit With Lady Danburry

Something I love about running a creative blog is the interesting people I have met through it. I have been following Lady Danburry’s fashion designs on her blog Thinking With Shapes for about six months. As well as having a cool fashion design blog, Lady Danburry also has a shop were she makes everything she sells. […]

7 Tips For Buying Kids Clothes At The Thrift Shop

I just got back from the half price sale at the thrift shop! As usual, I feel like I bought a few things for my girls that were cute but might not get worn very often so I wrote this little guide below as much for myself as for you, dear reader, who may be new […]