The Brady Bunch Dress

The Sew Country Chick Bunch!  At least, those three on the right are part of it! We are missing a couple! If you have more than a couple of kids then you know how hard it is to get photos together. I’ll take what I can get…. Growing up I used to come home from […]

Madeleine Vionnet and Learning Bias Cut sewing

Below is my post about Madame Vionnet and my experiences with making dresses cut on the bias over the past two years, since I got into dressmaking. I posted this over at Cation Designs earlier this week.Actually this is also an old post and one of my faves that I rewrote and added to, hence the […]

Vintage early 1900’s circus clown costume pictures

I finished my 1910’s era circus costume. Well….almost.  I haven’t done the hat yet. Below are the two photos I used for inspiration for this costume. source not available Don’t these clowns look a little scary? This photo captures the bohemian lifestyle of the old circus so well. You can only imagine how fascinating it […]

Vintage Little Girls Sewing Patterns

I adore vintage children’ sewing patterns as much for the sweet art on them as for the wonderful patterns inside. Being able to bring back to life a little piece of history for my girls to wear is so fun. These were the days when girls dresses were very detailed in design. I have been […]