Inside A 1900 Toddler Dress or Slip

I have a small collection of antique clothing and I thought I’d share a piece I recently restored with you. A circa 1900 toddler dress or slip. It’s made of an embroidered striped cotton lawn and has a cotton organdy ruffle. It was badly rust stained when I found it.I soaked it in Oxi Clean […]

Spring dress in vintage rayon

I finished the dress for Lily! While it just looks like a simple basic dress and it is, getting the pattern right was a little difficult. Post here. I thought I had had everything fitted perfect, but that wasn’t the case. The armholes cut into her uncomfortably, the neck was gaping, and we didn’t discover […]

Vintage Fabric Collecting Adventures

I have been going a little wacko with my fabric collecting the past few months. I don’t spend anything on new stuff really, and actually I spend very little on fabric at all, but somehow I have amassed tons of it! Here’s one story: The artistic director of the theater where I occasionally work as […]