Readers Project: Katharina’s Leather Fringed Bucket Bag

I received an email yesterday from Katharina in Sweden. She sent me a photo of a bag she made using my Fringed Leather bucket bag tutorial. It’s gorgeous don’t you think? Beautiful work, Katharina! I am loving her contrast running stitch. I may have to try that!

Matching stripes on curved seams

Matching stripes on a curved seam. It’s enough to make you want to throw your sewing machine across the room! Even with the most careful pattern cutting, the small stripes can be off, if only a tiny bit. I was having  trouble getting my tiny lines on this striped fabric to line up. They looked […]

Order of garment construction.

Are you tired of confusing pattern sewing instructions in today’s sewing world? Or do you want to design your own clothes or patterns, but aren’t sure how to actually sew them together once you’ve drafted or draped your design? There is an established order to clothing construction. I learned it in fashion school years ago. […]

Sewing tips for slipcovers

  I pretty much hate sewing slipcovers. Our slipcovers I made a few years ago had gotten really, really gross, though. Imagine four kids eating, sleeping, and hanging out on my poor sofa for years. Not only them, but their many friends, too. I had done a really bad job sewing my last set of […]

DIY Denim Jogging Shorts

I’ve been wanting some denim type jogging shorts, so I made some by making changes to an existing pattern I’ve already sewn twice. Simplicity 1165, a basic shorts pattern with pockets. I knew the fit was already good, so I didn’t want to fiddle with fitting any new patterns. This shorts pattern is turning out […]

10 Tips for sewing silk chiffon

Silk chiffon is soft, floaty, and so, so, delicate.  Yes, it’s a bit finicky, but so worth the effort if done right. I’ve been working on a chiffon kimono, and thought I’d share my notes on working with silk chiffon. Here are my ten tips for working with silk chiffon, an elegant and often expensive […]

DIY cropped halter top tutorial

Hi readers! Here’s how to make a cute cropped  halter top for summer from an old t shirt! Check out the before and after…. this is a quick project . All you need is an old t shirt and some knit fabric to make binding with. If the tshirt is long enough, you can just […]

A cheap sewing notions and hardware source: Thrifted garments

I live about twenty miles from the nearest fabric and sewing supplies shop, which only sell boring ho hum notions. If I want really unique and interesting notions or bag hardware, I can drive sixty miles to downtown LA and find some amazing stuff. Or I can wait for Wednesdays when my thrift shop has […]