The Brady Bunch Dress

The Sew Country Chick Bunch!  At least, those three on the right are part of it! We are missing a couple! If you have more than a couple of kids then you know how hard it is to get photos together. I’ll take what I can get…. Growing up I used to come home from […]

Colette Hazel V.2 From A Vintage Tablecloth

This is my second go at the Hazel. This time I used an old tablecloth that had some wear on it. I tried to make sure all of my seams matched but there is glaring mistake here at the bottom! I trimmed the top with some lavender bias tape. It went nicely with the tiny […]

My Colette Hazel With Piping

Time to sew something for me! I loved this stretchy stripe woven fabric and a touch of red was needed to make it pop.  A detail of the piping, the dart I turned into gathers, and some loose threads! There’s me being bossy with my child labor , photographers. I wish they had told me […]

My 1940’s Kids Sewing Patterns : Summer Sportswear

Today I am sharing some photos from my vintage pattern collection with you. Today’s theme is 1940’s warm weather children’s sportswear. There is one thirties pattern thrown in for good measure. I adore these old patterns as much for the sweet envelope art as the for great styles inside them. A peek inside a pattern […]