Easy Full Bust Adjustment For Princess Seams

In sewing I am always learning. That’s why I never get bored of it. And the road to learning fitting is a long one. I notice more things and little details all the time. All I have to do is try something on I made five years ago, and realize all the little things that […]

Fitting Problems On Lily’s Basic

So yesterday I draped a basic block on my form, since it’s measurements and Lily’s are similar. But when I tried the muslin on Lily, there were a lot of problems, some of which I’m not sure how to solve. Like how big the back is. I was talking with some sewing friends on Facebook […]

Draping A Basic Design Bodice Block

After doing our closet purge, we realized Lily needs some new dresses. She’s outgrown kids sizes because they’re too short- waisted . She fits into the adult petite sizes now, but it’s hard to find modest dresses for a girl her age. Plus, i just feel like making a cute seersucker shirt dress for her! […]

Draft your own simple dolman sleeve top

A dolman sleeve top designed for knits is maybe one of the simplest types of tops to draft for beginners. There are no armholes to fiddle around with, and it’s basically just a simple box to draw, with a few added curves. I made this top with a bit bigger neckline than I’m using in […]

Learn to make your own patterns

Chanel Look

Spending 16 dollars on a pattern, sewing it up, and then realizing it looks nothing like the envelope is frustrating.It just happened to me and it’s probably happened to you, too. IMO, learning fitting techniques for commercial patterns designed for another body can be HARDER than just drafting your own. Making your own patterns isn’t […]

Leopard Crop Top / Draping, Patterning

  I’m working on a design for a leather top and thought I’d make a prototype in some of the leftover leopard denim from my skirt project. I like the high waisted skirt with crop top look , but wanted something more modest, since my fabric is already so wild. It was a perfect outfit […]