Girls Ruffled Apron Tutorial

I’m a procrastinator when it comes to sewing practical things like lunch sacks, aprons, slipcovers, and pillowcases. My house could use some spiffing up and last week I bought some really great natural linen to make new slipcovers with. We’ll see how long it takes for me to get to it! Gigi really wanted a […]

Felt Feather Headband Tutorial

Felt Feather Headband Tutorial

 Something I like to do when I start to feel burned out from complicated sewing projects is an easy hand sewing project. This felt feather headband is colorful, fun and easy to make! Also, it’s a great project to do for kids who are just learning to sew. Felt is just so easy for little […]

DIY Lace Skirt With Elastic Waist

  Recently a friend gave me a whole roll of this really cool cotton lace fabric that’s really IN. My daughters love it and want me to make them tons of stuff with it. As usual! I’m like ” When will I have time to make myself something?” If you sew for other people , […]

Lace Butterfly Necklace

Lace Butterfly Necklace DIY Sew Country Chick

Spring is here! well, it’s almost summer so how about a BUTTERFLY project? Sounds good! I love trying to make jewelery with non conventional materials and these were some little scrap book stickers that I used fabric stiffener on to make them more firm. I have been seeing pretty lace jewelry lately, and recently made […]

Leather and fake flower headband

Leather & fake flower headband

  My daughter wanted a flower crown headband. I tried to tell her I already made one back in September when they first came out, and that she should just wear that one. Plus, it took me a long time to make. But she wanted it to look like the kind she sees in the […]

DIY Leather Triangle & Chevron Earring Tutorial

DIY leather Chevron Earring Sew Country Chick

     Hi everyone! I’ve been writing a monthly tutorial for the Mod Podge Rocks blog for about a year and a half now. Amy, the creator, is really nice and I’m really glad to have had the opportunity to write for her and get to know her. Recently, Amy partnered with Mod Podge, owned […]