Draft and sew a pleated flap safari pocket

I’ve been sewing quite a few flapped pockets lately and have experimented with my favorite way to sew them. Here’s how to transform a basic pocket into a pleated safari pocket with buttoned flaps. Or just draw one up yourself. This is the simpler version of the two pockets I made on my DIY Safari […]

Make a Cozy Duvet Cover from flannel sheets

Flannel duvet covers are soooo cozy! But it’s hard to find cute designs for kids rooms and when I have found them, they’re a lot more expensive than sheets, which doesn’t really make sense, because a duvet cover is really just two sheets sewn together. And it’s hard to find cute designs for kids rooms. […]

The Bandito Jacket

Voila my bandito jacket . My first fall piece this year! Since this jacket is such a statement piece, I’m wearing all solids everywhere else.This is me expressing my inner Native American. My mom is almost half Native American. My great, great, grandfather was a pretty bad ass Metis activist in Manitoba, Canada. Apparently he […]

Goat Girl Doll and mom’s campout

This just may be the ugliest creature I’ve ever created. Half goat, half girl. But, her Peter Pan collar looks good! So here I am thinking I want to make one of those big headed skinny armed dolls for Gigi again. The kind that are all over Pinterest and that I bought a kit for […]

DIY Denim Jogging Shorts

I’ve been wanting some denim type jogging shorts, so I made some by making changes to an existing pattern I’ve already sewn twice. Simplicity 1165, a basic shorts pattern with pockets. I knew the fit was already good, so I didn’t want to fiddle with fitting any new patterns. This shorts pattern is turning out […]