Sewing for Lent. Will you join in? #sewingforlent

  There’s no doubt that I’m a selfish seamstress. Nowadays, sewing is only my hobby and one of my goals this year is to make all of my own clothes and not buy any. I lose interest in sewing when I’m not making what I want, when I want, and get really stressed out when […]

Sew A Ruffled Shower Curtain

The hard parts of our house renovation are done so I can get back to sewing. Yay! I get grouchy if I go too long without sewing! Something about the whir of a well oiled machine…. Recently, I had my small downstairs bathroom off the kitchen painted navy blue and white. I wanted a linen […]

Making progress on those curtains er….drapes

Since I bought the fabric over two months ago I’ve made two drapery panels. This is the slowest I’ve ever been about completing a project. The other two panels for the bigger window are sewn together and the lining still needs to be pressed before I can sew it. I think I mentioned in my […]

The difference between drapes and curtains

As someone who sews mainly garments, I can tell you that home sewing is not something I look forward to. Cutting all that heavy fabric, most likely on the floor because it doesn’t fit on a cutting table, the sweaty pressing of huge rectangles, the thought of it bores me to no end. It’s almost […]