Tissue paper Easter eggs. Little kids crafts

Are you looking for an easy craft to make with little kids? Tissue paper Easter eggs are an oldie but goodie. And so much fun to make together ! The good part about this craft is you only need to buy three things from the dollar store: Clear shelving or Contac paper Colored tissue paper […]

Mod Podged Glittered Heart T Shirt Tutorial

Does your child need something to wear TOMORROW to a school Valentine’s party and you are in a pinch?  Fear not……. I have a fun and easy Valentine’s T- shirt tutorial for you today! These are simple, plain T shirts that I jazzed up with some Mod Podge Fabric formula mixed with glitter. If you […]

Mod Podged Candy Heart T shirts

Hello readers! Yes, I realize it’s a full month before Valentine’s Day but we bloggers can never be too prepared when it comes to holiday projects, can we? No ma’am! I made these Mod Podged glittered candy heart t shirts from some plain T’s, Mod Podge fabric formula, glitter, and a stencil made from shelving paper. […]

Sheet Music Crochet Burlap Trees

I actually made these trees last year and never blogged about them.I covered some foam trees from the hobby store with glue and glued on burlap and crochet trim for the big one.The middle sized one is covered with burlap too and I printed out the type filled keys font on card stock and glued […]

Grain Sack Style Christmas Banner

It’s time to start decorating the old place for Christmas. I made a little banner made of burlap and hand painted it to look like an old European grain sack. I love those old grain sacks and I always will regardless of whether they are in and out of fashion. People cared so much in […]

Gilded Doily Ornament

This week I have been making a ton of Christmas decorations. I noticed something interesting about myself. When things get stressful I suddenly get an urge to make more things than normal. My beloved mother in law has been sick for a very long time and she passed away the day before Thanksgiving. Even though […]

Easy Christmas Teacup Candles: Martha Stewart Paints

Things are getting chilly around the farmhouse in the evenings and my thoughts are turning toward making things cozy for wintertime.  We have gotten out the space heaters, extra blankets, and warm jammies. And we will need them because this old house doesn’t have any heat upstairs. The electric windmills that go on when it […]

Little Hands Turkey: Thanksgiving Crafts

 My three year old always wants to make projects with me. I have been busy trying to come up with crafts for her to do. Kids love to do projects where they get to used their handprints and this turkey made of their own handprints is easy and fun to make with your small children. […]

Mr. Top Hat Pumpkin Tutorial

 This is the third Halloween project I have made so far this month! I usually can’t gat my act together to do much for Halloween but I have been a most busy bee lately! I just finished this pumpkin project and I love how it turned out! He sort of reminds me of a character […]

Mod Podged Vintage Halloween Card Banner

This is my second project made from my MOD PODGE haul I got from Plaid. A vintage Halloween Card banner. I used the Mod Podge Outdoor formulation so you can hang it outside or inside. First, I downloaded some vintage Halloween cards from who else but Graphics Fairy? I love her site! Then I printed […]