A Fairytale Dress For Spring

Recently I’ve decided I really like patterns by Liesl Gibson. I also really enjoy reading the Oliver & S blog. Especially the weekend links! I know many of my sewing blogger friends were making these patterns up years ago, and singing their praises, but somehow they passed me by. I was probably busy sewing up […]

Spring dress in vintage rayon

I finished the dress for Lily! While it just looks like a simple basic dress and it is, getting the pattern right was a little difficult. Post here. I thought I had had everything fitted perfect, but that wasn’t the case. The armholes cut into her uncomfortably, the neck was gaping, and we didn’t discover […]

Lily’s Basic Block- Draping To The Body

So after draping a basic block on my dress form ( post 1 ) and having  failure of a fitting session on Lily ( post 2), I started over and draped a bodice directly to her body, which was actually quite quick to do. It turns out she is  a lot smaller than my dress […]

Draping A Basic Design Bodice Block

After doing our closet purge, we realized Lily needs some new dresses. She’s outgrown kids sizes because they’re too short- waisted . She fits into the adult petite sizes now, but it’s hard to find modest dresses for a girl her age. Plus, i just feel like making a cute seersucker shirt dress for her! […]

Sewing For Kindergarten: Tiny Tailored School Blazer

My kids go to private school so I don’t get to have so much fun sewing for them during the school year. Maybe a dress for the winter concert or a book bag. That’s about it! This year I really wanted to be in Mie’s Sewing With Kindergarten Series. I was planning on making Gigi […]