Queen Victoria Wedding Dress Trendsetter

Many people assume that the tradition of getting married in a white wedding gown is an ancient one. But actually, it’s a relatively recent idea, and only became popular in the latter half of the 1800’s. For this, we have Britain’s Queen Victoria to thank . She was actually quite the wedding fashion trendsetter!  Queen […]

5 Spring 2015 fashion trends to sew now

Have you been planning your spring sewing? I’ve been researching spring fashion trends to get inspired to use fabrics from my stash and patterns I already own. Read on to see 5 fashion trends for spring and how I’m interpreting them to work for me and my lifestyle. And find a few ideas for your […]

Types Of Sewing Machines For Sewing With Leather: Jacket Progress

I’ve been on a bit of a leather information gathering odyssey lately. I get interested in things and then it leads me down a kind of  sewing rabbit hole. I’ve been doing a lot of research on different types of sewing with leather and thought I’d share some information while it’s still fresh. I may […]

Silk Jumspuit : Vogue 1308

This week’s make is a silk jumpsuit. I have been wanting to make this silk jumpsuit for over a year now, and I finally did it! Last year I got an incredible deal on some beautiful lightweight silk twill I bought in downtown LA for five dollars a yard. Eeek!!! Being a graphic print, I […]

The Ojai Wrap: A work in progress…

  I’ve been busy! Making costumes for The Seagull, and hunting down some to borrow from neighboring theaters. Writing for a few other websites, dealing with all my everyday mom stuff, house hunting with my husband AND trying to perfect the fit of my shawl collar wrap which will be debuting as the Ojai wrap, […]

Diane Von Furstenberg, her wrap dress, some advice, and her seventy five dollar sewing pattern

Diane Von Furstenberg is one of my favorite fashion designers. Her style embodies the spirit of the glamorous world of New York fashion and the international jet of the 1970’s. And her wrap dress is probably the most iconic of all seventies dresses. Easy, versatile, yet effortlessly sophisticated.  The dress was embraced by socialites as […]