A Simply White farmhouse kitchen

Simply white farmhouse kitchen

This facelift to our farmhouse kitchen was one of the reasons I didn’t sew much last year. I am so glad we are done! First, we re-plastered the walls, as they had a bumpy cottage cheese texture applied by the previous owner. What a mess that was when they sanded it all down! I’m still […]

Sew A Ruffled Shower Curtain

The hard parts of our house renovation are done so I can get back to sewing. Yay! I get grouchy if I go too long without sewing! Something about the whir of a well oiled machine…. Recently, I had my small downstairs bathroom off the kitchen painted navy blue and white. I wanted a linen […]

Duck Egg Blue and Paris Grey Kitchen Hutch Redo

What started as a sewing room remodel has turned into a whole house refresh and it’s all the rooms at the same time so it feels like nothing is ever going to get done and there is still a bunch of junk in my sewing studio so no sewing as of yet. In the meanwhile […]

Sewing room redo: DIY Pegboard

Hi! It’s been almost a month since I last posted a sewing project  and a busy month it’s been. I managed to finish my last project right before my birthday, but I never have gotten a chance to wear it anywhere yet. Sadly, my father in law Bob passed away the day after my birthday. […]

Making my sewing studio part two

This post leaves off from around March when we finished the first part of creating my sewing and crafty studio. In part one I showed how I partitioned off my garage and added sliding glass doors instead of the old wood doors to let in more light.This is the old garage before we did anything […]

The difference between drapes and curtains

As someone who sews mainly garments, I can tell you that home sewing is not something I look forward to. Cutting all that heavy fabric, most likely on the floor because it doesn’t fit on a cutting table, the sweaty pressing of huge rectangles, the thought of it bores me to no end. It’s almost […]

Half Linen Curtains for A Farmhouse Bathroom

It took over a year to finish our master bathroom installation and it’s finally done! All it needed were some window coverings so I sewed up some simple linen cafe curtains this past week. This was the room before we turned it into our bathroom off of our master bedroom. It needs to be entered […]