Goat Girl Doll and mom’s campout

This just may be the ugliest creature I’ve ever created. Half goat, half girl. But, her Peter Pan collar looks good! So here I am thinking I want to make one of those big headed skinny armed dolls for Gigi again. The kind that are all over Pinterest and that I bought a kit for […]

Saint Joseph doll & thoughts on copying

On Pentecost Sunday my friend’s baby boy was being baptized. I couldn’t figure out what to make him, and then I found these adorable dolls on Etsy . Saint Joseph was Jesus’s foster father and is the patron saint for workers. He was also a carpenter, hence the axe. I sewed most of the doll […]

5 super cute free doll patterns & tutorials

Gigi has been asking me to make her another little girl fabric doll. She loved the one I made her from Simple Simon, pictured on my sidebar below, but the doll somehow disappeared, and I also lost the pattern which was part was a mail order kit. I wish I were more organized about filing […]

Decoupaged French Country Doghouse

  We have four dogs. The tiniest is a little Chihuahua named Coco. She wandered in one day from the road after being abandoned, most likely.She was half starving and had recently had a litter,the poor little thing, and it was a little while before she regained her health. One day, I was driving home, […]

Decoden Wedding Cake Headbands With Collage Clay

Decoden Headbands

I got a little package in the mail from Plaid Crafts with some new products to try out. There were several new products from Mod Podge.  I had tried out Mod Podge Collage Clay at the Craft Convention in January and was excited to finally get some in my hands. It’s a product that gives […]

Felt Feather Headband Tutorial

Felt Feather Headband Tutorial

 Something I like to do when I start to feel burned out from complicated sewing projects is an easy hand sewing project. This felt feather headband is colorful, fun and easy to make! Also, it’s a great project to do for kids who are just learning to sew. Felt is just so easy for little […]

Morroccan Candle Holder

Boho Chic Candel Holder

  Today I am geting back from my trip to Spain! I wrote this post last month for Mod Podge Rocks and it reminded me of Southern Spain and Morocco. I was doing a lot of research on my trip, and it filtered through to my crafty projects, obviously! These Boho Chic candle holders are […]

Glitter Dipped Tassel Earrings DIY

Spoarkly Tassel Earrings

When I got back from the Craft & Hobby association show in January, I had bags full of goodies from various craft companies. I have so much craft stuff! It’s really starting to pile up. I work out of my dining room and sometimes it looks like it’s straight out of an episode of hoarders, […]

Lace Butterfly Necklace

Lace Butterfly Necklace DIY Sew Country Chick

Spring is here! well, it’s almost summer so how about a BUTTERFLY project? Sounds good! I love trying to make jewelery with non conventional materials and these were some little scrap book stickers that I used fabric stiffener on to make them more firm. I have been seeing pretty lace jewelry lately, and recently made […]