Mini Pumpkins for Handcrafted Holidays

Today I’m taking part in the Craft Lightning series hosted by Angie from Country Chic Crafts and 30 minute Crafts. The purpose of the series is to share quick and easy projects for the holidays that take 15 minutes or less. Stop in on both blogs all week to see lots of quick and easy […]

Vintage Fabric Collecting Adventures

I have been going a little wacko with my fabric collecting the past few months. I don’t spend anything on new stuff really, and actually I spend very little on fabric at all, but somehow I have amassed tons of it! Here’s one story: The artistic director of the theater where I occasionally work as […]

A Homegrown Breakfast & Happy Mail

This may look like an ordinary breakfast but there is something very extra special about it…. Everything on this plate was grown in our garden, thanks to Richard, the ultimate gardener. The eggs are from our chickens, which he feeds and keeps clean. The tomatoes and melons are from the seeds he planted, and the […]

Estate Sale Shopping Tips

My husband and I have always liked collecting old things and have been going to private estate sales on and off for years. Besides our sofas, beds, and appliances, most things in our home are vintage.My husband has taken up welding as a hobby and is looking for vintage tools to outfit his shop and […]

Interview With My 10 Year Old On Fashion

An Interview With My 10 Year Old About Fashion. Interviewed By Me. Q: How do you feel about handmade clothes?A: I like them…. accept I don’t like them to look too crafty. Q: How do you want them to look?A: Like they aren’t handmade. Q: How do you feel about telling your friends your mom […]

Moving Out: My Son The Maker

The van is all packed up and he’s ready to go. My son has gotten an apartment at college. Somehow this seems a lot more serious than his living in the dorm last semester. This is the real thing. He’s moving out. The day has come. He’s been busy this summer. He started a t- […]