Jalie3669 Nico Raglan tee and a new year

Jalie Nico Raglan men’s tee in Merino Wool jersey from my fabric sponsor, The Confident Stitch. Sewn in size V. I hope everyone had a nice holiday and Happy New Year to you!  I managed to get three sewing projects finished for Christmas out of the seven I had planned. And two of those are […]

Ginger snap goat treat recipe

That would be ginger cookies made for goats, not ginger cookies made with goats! Today we made some home made ginger cookies for our goats. Animals don’t notice if you add a little too much of this or that, so it’s a fun way to get little kids going in the kitchen. Measuring things themselves […]

Making a sewing studio: part one

Hi readers! Not much sewing has been going on since I’ve moved all my paraphernalia out of the dining room and into my garage which is being transformed into my first studio. This is a really exciting step and makes things feel very official with regards to my sewing dreams. I probably could have left […]

My favorite week.

One of my favorite weeks of the year is the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. And this year was no exception.After all the running around between Thanksgiving and Christmas I was soooo tired. It was so nice to just chill. For me the busy-ness starts on Thanksgiving. Every year I have the whole […]

Saint’s Day And All Hallow’s Eve party for first graders

  Every year we have not one, but two costumes to put together for the kids; one for the All saint’s Day performances at school, and another for Halloween Day. Gigi as Saint Kateri. The first Native American to become a Catholic Saint.And on Halloween as a  vampire Rapunzel.Lily as Saint Catherine , who appeared […]

Cleaning out my college son’s room. sniff.

My son left for his senior year of college last week. And my youngest has been living in a small room connected behind our bedroom that we recently have demo’d to make a master bathroom. So now she doesn’t have a room. She’s been sharing with her sister as well as crawling in with us, […]

Goat Girl Doll and mom’s campout

This just may be the ugliest creature I’ve ever created. Half goat, half girl. But, her Peter Pan collar looks good! So here I am thinking I want to make one of those big headed skinny armed dolls for Gigi again. The kind that are all over Pinterest and that I bought a kit for […]

Ten Tips For Keeping Goats

Have you been thinking about getting some goats? Fear not, it’s not as hard as it seems. I have some goat keeping tips to share with you today. Meet my goat Phoebe  If this ex city girl can take care of four goats and keep them in one piece, you probably can, too. But first, […]

Sewing tips for slipcovers

  I pretty much hate sewing slipcovers. Our slipcovers I made a few years ago had gotten really, really gross, though. Imagine four kids eating, sleeping, and hanging out on my poor sofa for years. Not only them, but their many friends, too. I had done a really bad job sewing my last set of […]