Madeleine Vionnet and Learning Bias Cut sewing

Below is my post about Madame Vionnet and my experiences with making dresses cut on the bias over the past two years, since I got into dressmaking. I posted this over at Cation Designs earlier this week.Actually this is also an old post and one of my faves that I rewrote and added to, hence the […]

Elephant’s Graveyard, Opening Night And Some History

There was a town. There was a circus. There was railroad. There was a murder…We had our opening weekend and I do believe the play was a success. I was so mesmerized from the great performances by the actors, the sets, sound and yes, even my costumes! I love how a good play can take […]

Elephant’s Graveyard Costumes and Jodhpurs tutorial !

I have been super busy all week sewing costumes for The Elephant’s Graveyard. There I am in the credits! I have the costumes  about 80% complete and tonight was the first run through with the cast wearing some of the pieces I have made for them. This play has a lot of sewing involved and […]

Vintage early 1900’s circus clown costume pictures

I finished my 1910’s era circus costume. Well….almost.  I haven’t done the hat yet. Below are the two photos I used for inspiration for this costume. source not available Don’t these clowns look a little scary? This photo captures the bohemian lifestyle of the old circus so well. You can only imagine how fascinating it […]

1915 Circus Girl Costume

This is the first costume I completed for the play The Elephants Graveyard, which I am costuming. It takes place in 1916 and is about a group of circus performers.  This first costume is for the circus girl who rides the elephant. 1915 Circus Girl My Inspirations were these old photos below of circus girls […]

Sewing for the theatre. 1916 costumes

So yesterday I took my three daughters and my mom to the LA fabric district to buy fabric for the costumes for The Elephant’s Graveyard..  We had lunch at  Philippes’, a Los Angeles landmark famous for it’s french dip beef sandwiches, old counters and sawdust floors.  If you are ever in downtown LA you have […]

Early 20th Century Circus Costumes: Research For A Play

Source: via Justine@sewcountrychick on Pinterest I work sporadically for a local theatre which has been in operation for many years. We have some very talented people invloved and the actors ( at least the ones I have spoken to,) don’t mind the hour plus drive to Santa Paula from Los Angeles because our little […]

Quick Greek/Roman cloak and tunic tutorial

I love reading sewing blogs written by creative young moms and I am happy I still have a couple little ones to sew for! When I see all the cute little outfits these amazing seamstresses make for their little boys it makes me think of my own boy and how I loved making him costumes […]

All Saint’s Day

We have a tradition at my childrens’ Catholic School of having the younger children dress up as Saints on Halloween day at school. They say a little speech about their saint and the audience must guess who that saint it. My daughter chose Saint Genevieve, who we happened to name Gigi after. Saint Genevieve lived […]

Halloween Costume : The Girl Who Fell To Earth

Last night there was a strange noise in the bushes, like a crashing sound. I went outside with my flashlight and there was this frightened creature crouched in the bushes! She took off running and I yelled to her ” Wait, we won’t hurt you! We are peaceful humans. How did you get here?” She […]