DIY cropped halter top tutorial

Hi readers! Here’s how to make a cute cropped  halter top for summer from an old t shirt! Check out the before and after…. this is a quick project . All you need is an old t shirt and some knit fabric to make binding with. If the tshirt is long enough, you can just […]

DIY Side Stripe Boyfriend Jean

 I saw some ‘boyfriend’ jeans with a side stripe sort of like these……but I wasn’t so crazy about those huge holes. Maybe if I was 18 I would wear them. But not at my age. Luckily knowing how to sew means you can interpret trends to fit your own style and also be appropriate to […]

Striped Sneakers With Rit Dye

Srtiepd sneaker with #RitDye

I have been experimenting with dye this week, and made these fun striped sneakers. I painted the dye onto the shoes straight out of the bottle. I like the effect of the watercolor like stripes. You probably have noticed the I LOVE anything with stripes on it!I bought some white sneakers. They are about seven […]

DIY Striped Glitter Heels

  This DIY shoe project was one of those projects that almost turned out perfect, but not quite. But I really like this idea, so I thought I’d share it anyway, in case you want to try it for yourselves. Maybe you’ll do a  better job! What I did was wrong was to let the […]