Wedding Gown update: Pleated sash tutorial

So making this wedding dress has at times made me  question my sewing skills in a big way. But I’ve had a great time and I would probably do it again. I especially enjoyed the fittings with Maria and her beautiful sisters and mother. Their home is like  a modern day version of Little Women. […]

Tea Dying Lace

So the dress I am working on has a lace in a very subtle off white shade which was very hard to match with store bought trim. I found some pretty trim I wanted to use on the neckline and sleeves but it was a little too white and stiff to shape around the neckline. […]

Feather headpiece

I’m thinking of making a feather headpiece for Marias’ dress and here are some great ones I’m being inspired by: Photo source source source source Which one is your favorite? P.S. If you have any headpiece photos you would like to share click the Facebook Badge in my sidebar and post them On the Sewcountrychick […]

Marias Dress: Coming Along

It’s been raining buckets today so I’ve been stuck inside the house all day . Today I attached the lace to the finished bodice of the wedding dress.  First I made a muslin pattern to use to trace the lace bodice . It had to be sewn together first and then pinned to the lace. […]

Wedding Dress update.

Well , I finished the bodice part of the dress. I underlined it in silk organza and lined it with China silk. The fabric on top is silk charmeuse. Marias’ lace came in the mail the other day and I went to pick it up and mark the hem for the skirt which I finally […]

Designing a bridal gown: Part one

So I have been working on designing and making a bridal gown for a bride to be who is getting married this April. She had a photo from a blog pictured below but the photos on the blog didn’t show a lot of detail. For instance, I can’t even tell where the waistline is or […]

Considering making a bridal gown

A friend of my sons’ older sister is getting married and has asked if I would make a bridal gown for her. So I’ve been researching the process. It’s a big responsibility . Having just finished a costuming job for a play and making three dresses to fit a character who is a man disguised […]