Sewing a French Bustle or Underbustle

I finished the dress with three days to spare and all went well at the wedding. I had packed my needle and thread just to make sure I could remedy any mishaps that might occur at the wedding, but it was smooth sailing! One couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful setting for a reception […]

Links to over twenty in print bridal gown sewing patterns!

Hi readers! As some of you know , I take bridal gown commissions from time to time when something interesting comes my way. While I’m not pursuing a bona fide business, I decided not to, I am working on something now that I’ll be blogging about soon! I mostly end up drafting or draping my […]

Queen Victoria Wedding Dress Trendsetter

Many people assume that the tradition of getting married in a white wedding gown is an ancient one. But actually, it’s a relatively recent idea, and only became popular in the latter half of the 1800’s. For this, we have Britain’s Queen Victoria to thank . She was actually quite the wedding fashion trendsetter!  Queen […]

Wedding Dress link up Party!

Hi everyone and welcome to the wedding dress link up party! For the last couple of months I was making a wedding gown and thought it would be a fun way to wrap up the whole project with a photo party of readers’ dresses through the decades. Let’s start  from the newest to the oldest […]

Wedding Dress : Finished !

 I finally finished Maria’s dress. I didn’t get any photos of her in it but it does looks beautiful on her. I’ll have to wait for the wedding pictures.  I added horsehair braid to the hem of the lace to make it more crisp. Everything that was made on this dress was learned either from […]

Wedding Dress Tutorial Links

Hi everyone. Well, I have wrapped up my wedding gown project and will be posting some final pictures soon and I’m ready to move on to something else. I did want to share with you some great links and tutorials on wedding sewing I have found during my wedding dress sewing process. If you should […]