5 novels about seamstresses

  I love reading about sewing. I also love reading novels. I tend toward the reading of historical novels, as I learn a lot about history from them, but also can get lost in the story. So I’ve found five novels to share that sound really interesting for those who love sewing with a bit […]

How to start making money with your sewing: book review

I was looking for a book specific to starting a custom bridal and dress business and wasn’t having any luck. I already had a book called Sewing to sell, which I reviewed here, but it’s written for people who want to sew things like bags and aprons for craft markets and Etsy. It’s a good […]

sewing for your girls – japanese pattern book review and giveaway!

Hi readers! I’m very excited to be able to offer a book giveaway for a new Japanese Pattern Book for girls that I really love! It’s called Sewing For Your Girls, and it’s one of the best girls pattern book I’ve seen! I’ve already tested out a pattern and am really impressed. AND it’s in […]

The Forty Bags Challenge & The Magical Art Of Tidying Up

This Lent I’ve decided to do a few things to “get my house” in order . A sort of major spring cleaning for my body, my house, and my soul. So needless to say, I haven’t been sewing a whole lot lately, because I’ve been busy trying to learn new habits. I’ll start with a […]

Sew Sweet Handmade Clothes For Girls: Pattern Book Giveaway

   Recently I was sent a copy of Sew Sweet Handmade Clothes For Girls written by the Japanese kids designer Yuki Araki to review and do a  giveaway for. I loved this pattern book because you can make a whole season’s wardrobe for your little girls from the patterns included. This book has 22 designs […]

Make It Mighty Ugly: A Crafty Self Help Book Giveaway

When I was contacted to review a copy of a new book by Kim Piper Werner called Make It Mighty Ugly, a new book to inspire and help people who are having a hard time developing a creative practice, I didn’t think I would really actually benefit it. I was wrong. I mean, I sew […]

Sewing Inspiration: Alabama Chanin: Grown To Sewn In The USA

Alabama Chanin

I may be a little late to the party in discovering Alabama’s work but better late than never ! Isn’t is funny when you think you find something really cool and then you find out people have been doing it for years? Ah, well…. The past week I have been obsessing over the work of […]

Basic Black: Japanese Pattern Book Giveaway

Basic Black Giveaway

  Hellooooo readers!!!! I’m back from my week at the Couture Sewing Sweatshop Class. Let’s just say I got my sewing on there. Seriously. Sewing, draping and fitting from 9 AM until 1 AM some nights. More on that later this week. When I get my photos organized. But first, a giveaway! BASIC BLACK : […]

Justine’s Sewing Bookshelf: Dressmaking For Real Women

Dressmaking For Real Women

I have an EXTENSIVE collection of sewing books. Most I have bought for my own sewing needs, some have been sent to me from publishers, and some I’ve had since design school back in the 90’s, and then there are the  vintage sewing books going back to the twenties, and pattern catalogs I’ve found at […]