LouLouxe skirt and tank for tennis

 Tennis season has started again! My weekday team has a uniform of black, white, and turquoise. The captain chooses a line of tennis clothes, and then we can go onto Tenniswarehouse.com to buy the pieces we like. I never did get around to buying the uniform last spring, but I did buy some Supplex in […]

Simplicity tank 8338 ..Got it right!

‘Third time is the charm’, so they say. I’m not sure what caused my sewing breakdown the other day and my subsequent rant. I guess I was hungry and tired and then just kept pushing myself to finish. It was like I forgot everything! The old brain cells were fried. I want to thank those […]

Tennis team outfit Kwik Sew 4113 skirt and Jalie

Finding tennis wear that flatters you in middle age is no small feat. And wearing it out in public is also an act of bravery. I would never in a million years wear a skirt this short to go around town in but somehow I never have enough time to stop and change when I need […]

Jalie 2215 Tennis top

I love the lines of Jalie 2215 for a tennis top. Kind of retro cool, right? Like a vintage 70’s tennis top, but made in modern fabric with modern techniques. I am so excited about this pattern! Jalie 2215 in size T But this one turned out a little too tight on me. I made […]