Butterick 6947, from 1980

Butterick 6947, circa 1980.
Approximately 10 cents.

70’s stripe jersey : approximately 1$.

Making a dress you love.
A few posts ago I wrote about going to an estate sale and buying a whole large box of patterns and armloads of fabric for around twenty dollars. What a day!
I’m sort of a nut for stripes and have been wanting one of the dolman sleeved t-shirt dresses that I  have been seeing in the shops lately. They seemed so simple to make that I just hadn’t been able to bring myself to buy one even though they are ridiculously cheap at the bargain shops. 
This dress was made in a couple of hours last night after I got back from the beach. The original pattern had pockets but I removed them because I ran out of the striped fabric and used an old t-shirt instead, and the pockets looked strangely bulky. I also chopped down the fabric nine inches to defrumpify the design. Yes, that is an invented word!
Since I can’t seem to get through a project without at least one glaring mistake I will share today’s:
I didn’t  match the stripes at the side seams correctly. Grrrr….
Today is my two year olds birthday and I wore this outfit to lunch with her and her sisters.


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  1. PinkSparkle And Lace says

    You did a great job! Pretty stripes too. I think I have that exact pattern in my endless boxes of patterns that I can’t stop buying. I like how you gave it new life.


  2. A.J.A. says

    Shoot- you look great! Nice dress, and Happy Birthday to the baby 🙂

  3. Course of Perfection says

    Wow! Cute, cute, cute. I’m surprised how much I’m diggin’ that braided belt!

  4. Carolyn says

    This dress is just gorgeous, and you have the most perrrrfect shoes to go with it! As well as the perfect legs!
    Did the pattern include one for that rather divine shawl collared jacket too? because that is pretty cool as well…

  5. Natalie says

    This dress looks great on you. I love the summer and beach feel of it.

  6. Seamingly Smitten says

    Absolutely LOVE IT! I can’t believe you had to take off 9 inches, crazy pattern! But it looks so summery! Good job