Butterick 6464 short halter top in rayon

Butterick 6464 top

Yet another Lisette pattern today! I’ve actually been working on the whole outfit of Lisette for Butterick 6464, and this is only the halter top. But, after making the pencil skirt in a dark brownish black ponte knit, I realized it didn’t really go with this Cotton & Steel Purrfect purple and black rayon from my fabric sponsor, The Confident Stitch. A purple and black top with a brown skirt? I don’t think so!

I wanted a shorter top to go with my high waist Levi’s, and the length of the top is perfect for the higher waisted silhouette.

Butterick 6464 top

I love this fabric! it’s so soft and drapey, but not too flimsy like some rayons can be. It’s my first time trying the Cotton & Steel rayon line, and I can see now why all the bloggers love it. Plus, it’s made in the USA. Nice! 
Butterick 6464 top

I think this top is just a bit too short for me. I cut a size 12 and made a one inch FBA using the tutorial on the Oliver & S blog, but I think it’s drafted a little too short. For reference, I’m 5’6′ with a D cup, and am not long waisted besides the extra length needed for the girls.. I probably could have added another inch to my FBA but it  would not have changed the overall length much. Just the center front.

I had a rough time making the neckband. I made two neckbands. On the first one, I used an interfacing that was too thick, and then used the 5/8 inch seam allowances. I felt the band looked too stiff and thin. On the bottom of the neckband, the seam allowances are turned under and top stitched, and my top stitching looked really crooked. I don’t like turning under seam allowances and top stitching them if I can help it. Even if the seams are basted first, it can look bad.The result, for me. at least, is often kind of crooked and homemade looking. In fact, the last time I turned under a seam and top stitched it was when making my Colette Oolong about a million years ago, when I was still drinking the Colette Kool Aid. The result was a really terrible looking waist seam so I ripped the whole thing out and made a normal seam. To this day, I cannot figure out why they said to fold under the curved waist seam and top stitch it. But on this pattern, I really couldn’t see any other way around top stitching those two seams together.

On my second neckband, I used 3/8 inch seam allowance to give a little extra width to my neckband and I used a very thin knit interfacing. I find that knit interfacings give me the best look. I’ve ruined too many projects in the past by using those papery thick interfacings. Interfacing are important people! Better too light than too heavy. A lesson learned from experience.

Here you can see my yellow sports bra. I didn’t even think about it showing until I saw this photo, lol! Sometime I totally forget to look behind me when I’m getting dressed.

Anyway, I like the top, and if I make it again I’ll add about two inches to the overall length because it is quite short, even with my new super high waisted Levi’s

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  1. says

    The finished top looks great! You might want to wear it with a high-waisted skirt! For your next project, you should get some of our sheer or light interfacing. You will love it!
    ❤️ Kate

  2. Sandy Osborne says

    Such a pretty color!! You look great in this top – it’s very flattering. And I so agree with you about interfacing; I’m shaking my head just thinking of mistakes I’ve made by using the wrong interfacing. Thanks for the reminder.

    • says

      Me too, I’ve ruined quite a few projects in the past due to cardboard stiff facings! Whenever I have taken apart ready to wear garments I have found most use knit interfacings.

  3. Carol Gardiner says

    Such a cute top Justine. The color looks great on you. I totally agree with you about the interfacing. I love knit interfacing. It gives the fabric just enough body but doesn’t make it stiff. Keep sharing.

  4. says

    Such a striking top. I love the neckband and the keyhole and yes I think the same as Sandy, re a high-waisted pencil skirt. It would be a perfect length for that. 🙂

  5. says

    This is such a cute top! I’ll have to get this pattern. I have a hard time finding tops I like for the summer. I buy my interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply now and love their Prosheer elegance light. You don’t have to prewash it and it won’t shrink. It’s beautiful for light weight fabrics. It comes in black and white too, which is great when you have darker fabrics that might have a little bit of sheer to them and you don’t want white interfacing.

  6. says

    I have just been reading your reviews of McCalls 7116 , a bias dress. Thankyou so much for your helpful information . I will try sew mine without a zip and see how it goes. Love your blog and your new pink top too !