Bombshell Bathing Suit Review

Bombshell swimsuit review
I was really excited to buy the Bombshell swimsuit just released by Closet Case Files. Good looking bathing suit patterns are few and far between and this one looked really adorable.
So how did it go for me?
OK, I’m probably insane to post a photo of myself in a bathing suit on the web but this suit is pretty modest if you ask me so I will go ahead. 
I loved the pinup vibe of the Bombshell pattern. It reminds me of an Esther Williams suit I already own and love.
Here is a suit similar to the one I have on a plus size gal. It’s super flattering on all shapes as you can see.
But something went wrong with my version. And there are a few reasons for it that I’ll get to….
The suit goes way up on my behind so I guess I won’t be wearing it any time soon! It’s about 3 inches too short. Don’t worry, I won’t be sharing any photos of my backside in this. As you can see from the sew along button above, the front of the bathing suit should be a lot longer, almost like a skirt. 
I knew I was in trouble when I had cut out a size 8 and then saw on Lladybirds blog that she had made a size 8, too. She looks way smaller than me. 
I could just tell by looking at it on my cutting table that the suit was going to be much too short. But I couldn’t leave well enough alone and soldiered on!
There is NO BUST SUPPORT in this pattern.
It would have been great with the addition of bust support and some pattern alterations. If only it had had instructions on how to install a shelf bra. There is no way I could wear this suit as is without constantly tugging and um, rearranging….
Many higher end one piece bathing suits have some sort of elastic under the bust. I’d add that, some boning on the sides, and maybe some underwire support as well. 
I  had this navy lycra lying around. It was only two dollars downtown, so no big loss. But still, I did like the matte texture. 
The instructions on the pattern were well written and photographed. Plus, there was the detailed sew along on the designer’s site that was very helpful. However, I still had a hard time figuring out each step. But now that I have done it once it will be much easier next time. It’s a complicated suit as far as sewing bathing suits go because of the gathered extra panel that goes over the bottoms. 
I do still have  hope for my next version if I ever get to it! 
I think I will go make a dress now…….
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  1. Merche Martinez says

    Thank you for this review, Justine. It is sincere and true to your experience. I find working with lycra very difficult, laeve alone gathering it!

  2. Mie Brindle says

    WOW Justine…..well there might be problems with the final result but it is certainly not showing in the photos….you look AMAZING!!!!

  3. christina says

    wow, it looks store bought for sure. and umm, you look amazing in it! great job on making it and for showing us:)

  4. Shirley Ann says

    I have been following the sewalong even though I’m not currently making one. It does look a little complicated for my experience. I love the color of your suit, but I can see where support would be compromised with size. I think I’ll practice more making my girls’ suits before I venture into curves! I’ve bookmarked the pattern though when I get ready to try. I’m glad you gave it ago so we can see your results. Looks great, but you always do! 🙂

  5. charlotte says

    I have bought this pattern too, but not managed to sew along. Always interesting to hear others points of view, particually as I’m not an advanced sewer. Justine the costume looks good on you. x

  6. Sew Blessed Maw says

    Great JOb.. Love the blue color on you.. Sorry the back was too short.. The front looks very pretty.

  7. amy mayen says

    I always lick my wounds with an easy dress after a project I’m not pleased with. I gotta say, it does look great on you but I trust you if you say the fit is off. I’m way to scared to do a swimsuit, but I’ve been reading about them since I read the post earlier this week about the high waisted swimsuit…I need a ton of support and I want my swimsuit made of magical slimming fabric that will compress all my fat..well..flat!! Lol!

  8. Olga (Kid Approved) says

    Too bad it is too short, it looks great in front. 🙂 You are totally pulling it off, even without the bra support. It helps that you have a body of a 17 year old. 🙂

  9. Lorie ~ Ferndale Lane says

    That stinks that it is too short! I love the color, very pretty. I hope you do try it again in the future!

  10. says

    I think yours still looks good! I’m working on mine right now. It took me all afternoon yesterday to tape together the pattern and cut it all out. I’m hoping I don’t have any problems with it…..I will found out shortly when I go down to my sewing room shortly to begin assembling it. I don’t think I’m much for pdf patterns after this…..but I just love this suit!

  11. JustHeidi137 says

    I have to say that I love this style! I have seen this style around and I was considering refashioning an old maternity bathing suit into this style….It can’t be too complicated to take it in and gather up the sides. There’s all that extra room for tummy that I don’t need anymore. I was considering this pattern, but obviously as you are showing us—-it has some fit issues. I think for bustier women maybe you could cut the bra shelf out of an existing top you already own (or bathing suit that doesn’t suit you anymore??) to give the extra lift? You could easily sew in the extra support. Or cut the cups out of a bra and put them in??? I’m not big on patterns anyway….But you did a great job and you still look amazing!

  12. domestic deconstructor says

    oh dang. writing an honest review when it’s not all flowers and unicorns is so hard…even when you leave room for user error. it’s just so hard to do. I think you did an eloquent job. It is a flattering color and cut on you. I am personally long in torso and would rather a tankini cut at the least myself – all one pieces disappear up the rear! and, yes, the benefit of even putting in a halter would be it helps lift….and hold….

    hmmm. maybe you could spit the bottom off to make a tankini and add in a shelf? it would be a shame to lose that lovely matte blue.

  13. JustHeidi137 says

    Although…..the blogger does say you will need cups for fuller figures and she is supposed to be posting how to do that in the sew-along. I was just reading it from your link, so I thought I would help!

  14. Stone Cottage Adventures says

    You inspire me with everything you write! Thank you for being honest that not all projects are perfect! I love the fabric you chose! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  15. says

    It looks really beautiful, so sad that it’s a tad short. You got me worried now, I’ve cut the straight 8 too and I’m about 5 f 9″…EEEK!

  16. ShanniLoves says

    Thanks for the review! It does look great on you from the front. I’m hoping to get mine cut tomorrow but I’m actually terrified. I bought some practice fabric so hopefully I can work all the kinks out on that.

  17. says

    Well, it does look lovely from the front view, but there’s almost nothing worse than not having your cheeks covered. I made a suit once, that I tugged at constantly. If you can add the support to the top piece, then perhaps you can sew a new bottom and have one super bathing suit.

    Sue xo

  18. says

    I have seen so many amazing Bombshells pass the last few days/weeks and the fabulousness just never stops. Yours looks pretty amazing too… Maybe you can just wear it as a top with jeans and a blazer, so it doesn’t go to waste because of the bottom-problems…

  19. says

    Hi Justine. I’m so sad this didn’t work out for you the first time! It looks like your bodice is definitely a few inches too short. Next time I would go through the lengthening process I describe on the blog. I would also insert cups and an elastic “shelf” at the lining/muslin stage for a little more support. I just posted today about adding a bra as well. Good luck!

  20. says

    Hi Justine, whatever your experience this suit looks fab on you…from what we can see anyway! It’s great to get an honest review about this suit, as I hummed and hawed about buying it, but in the end went for the Oh Lulu Ginger body suit. Sadly, no time to sew before going on holiday (on Saturday!)…maybe after we come back. The Ginger body suit does have a sew along BTW, with instructions on how to sew in cups and bust support….

  21. says

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