Boho Sweater Poncho Tutorial


Lily designed this sweater for our guest post over at the Kids Inspiration For Design series at Me Sew Crazy last week. Lily was so excited to show off her design! Here is a small excerpt of her post.
My mom asked me to design something for a popular blog Me Sew Crazy..So what do you think I said? YES! She said I should do something “Fallish” so I decided to make a fall colored poncho. I was very inspired by a scarf in a sewing book. My poncho is made up of wool and cashmere patchwork squares. My mom sewed it for me”

I made it from a pile of my thrifted sweaters. It was really easy to make. I cut out 6 inch squares and sewed them together in rows. then I left a little opening for her neck. Sewed on some trim, and voila , I was done!
Making a template
laying out he design
As you can see here, I used a serger. It took about an hour to mak eit. the longest part was cutting all of the pieces.
Would you believe this got thrown in the wash yesterday and it SHRUNK?
Hopefully I can wash it again and stretch it back out.  That’s what happens when kids do the laundry….

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  1. Sew Blessed Maw says:

    How beautiful… What a creative and smart girl.. Love the look, with the boots and cute. Tell her, she did a great job, and mom did a great job sewing it together..
    Sorry about it shrinking in the wash [did they put it in the dryer?] I bet baby girl is happy, it will be headed to her sooner than she And I see mom having to make a second one.ha

  2. I was totally writing the same az Maw did, so I just agree: both in the beautiful, the creative and the happy little sister part of jer comment. :o )

  3. That poncho is really pretty! What a great way to re-purpose old sweaters. Now, I have something else to make out of my old sweaters besides beanies and scarves

  4. Such a cute outfit! I love it all. The pocho with the striped skirt and the boots! What a lucky girl to have a mama like you!

  5. what a great project, she did such a good job… the photos & styling are wonderful, too :)

  6. Lovely project the color combo are beautiful!!!!

  7. Love love it!

  8. This is so cute! And I love that she designed it. What a creative family you have. :)

  9. i love this idea!

    I linked to your tutorial on my blog – thanks for sharing!

    ♥, doro von Hand zu Hand

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