Blogging and the green eyed monster and going back to high school

I wonder if any of my fellow bloggers ever get tired of blogging?
I have been feeling that way lately. I have been blogging over three years now and still don’t have  a clear direction about what my goal is or even what I should be blogging about half the time. I love making stuff and taking pictures but the whole business aspect, finding sponsors, etc. is just so hard!
At the risk of alienating my readers I am going to express some of my reservations I’ve been having about blogging lately.

I’m in several Blogging Facebook groups and to be honest, I don’t  feel that comfortable bringing up my reservations about my blog in my groups as I already feel like the odd one out sometimes. I fear I might be a downer and alienate some of the members. Then they won’t ask me to take part in their blog series’ and pattern tours anymore because they will realize I’m actually kind of lame, and then I will fall further into blogging obscurity.

I also have a problem with envy. It seems everyone else has a pattern line, book, and fabulous sponsors except for me. Of course, I have no one to blame except my own laziness for not starting a pattern line, writing a book, and pursuing sponsorships. Maybe I don’t want to be a professional craft/ sewing blogger after all. Or maybe I do.

 If you blog, you probably already know how exhausting it can be to build your online social media presence up. There’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and the blog itself to update on a regular basis. There are all of the link parties to link up at, which can end up being very time consuming. Then there is the pressure to go visit blog friends and leave them cheerful, witty comments so they don’t forget you exist. Sometimes it’s just plain hard maintaining a cheerful attitude and leaving comments on others blogs containing lots of enthusiasm and exclamation points. Am I the only blogger who feels this pressure?

Then there is the annoying sense of failure I have when I visit a blogger who just seems to have so much happening, and has so many more followers and comments than little old me. And everyone is so ENTHUSIASTIC all of the time! It just feels sometimes like I’m always comparing myself to others instead of doing what I should be doing: Making things and enjoying writing about it. I’m way too old to be having these feelings that bring back all of my old feelings I had in the dark ages of my life: high school! I pretended not to care then that I wasn’t popular and people thought I was wierd. I donned a tough girl exterior and became one of the bad kids. But I did care. I thought I had evolved and was way past all of that stuff. But blogging sometimes brings back those feelings of insecurity from those days. Like when a blogger you know online has an amazing month long series and doesn’t invite you to participate. Or like during Project Run & Play when I was convinced the dress I made Gigi was the most beautiful thing ever, and I got voted off for it.

I have many blog friends who actually have something to sell, and think of their blogs as gateways to their online businesses. But I just can’t seem to get my act together enough to figure out what I should sell myself. I probably should be developing a pattern line because I was trained to make patterns at school, but I’m just not detail oriented enough to follow through with it. Plus, I would have to learn how to use Illustrator which seems really hard! There was the brief stint as an Etsy shop owner selling upcycled cashmere baby sweaters and then the furniture painting business I started but didn’t follow through with. Not to mention the teaching gigs I got but didn’t build on. I need to figure out what it is I need to do.

All of these things have happened since I started my blog. Before that I was content being just a housewife and mom. But blogging created something new in me. Could it possibly be that I have developed ambitions and I’m not happy because I’m not pursuing them? Maybe. Should I keep blogging for fun and as a hobby or perhaps seriously try to start some sort of business? How does everyone else do it?  I’ll be homeschooling my daughter this year so I guess I will just have to let things unfold as they may and as God wills. Maybe I need to pray about it.

For those of you who may have just stumbled over here and don’t know anything about me, I can assure you I’m just having a self indulgent post here. I don’t normally go on and on about myself like this.

But there there is the nagging feeling of guilt in the back of my head that I’m wasting my time blogging. That I’m being a narcissist and neglecting my family. That I’m doing all of this for the attention of the world outside. That I have an unhealthy need for attention.

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  1. says

    I think blogging is just a way to express ourselves creatively and that keeping a public diary of your crafty adventures is not at all pointless.
    When you retire from it, you can always look back at all your archives and remember all the ups and downs of your work and know that you have impacted thousands of people with your real-life crafting adventures. Besides, whenever I’ve tried to keep a private diary, I never kept it up as I do with my blog. With or without great sponsors, you are still making a great impact on those of us who want to do what you do and that is a wonderful thing in itself.

    • Justine/ Sew Country Chick says

      Thanks Carol and Julia. It’s true keeping a blog is a great way to account for out creativity. its why I started but then it takes on a life of its own. Sorry to be such a whiner…

  2. says

    I get sick of blogging at times too. Then I get back to it. I don’t worry about it. Blogging is one of many things I do. You are a mother of five and you think of yourself as not ambitious? I get tired just thinking about having five kids to pick up after, etc! And I second what Julia wrote – you are inspiring. I’ve learned a lot from you and I always come to read your blog first in my blogging journeys. You are a friendly and competent face in this blogging world!

  3. amy mayen says

    Justine, I look at you as one of the big time bloggers. It’s really refreshing to read this post, just to know that everyone has the same insecurities, and yes…jealousy! I feel a lot the same as you, that I should sell something or somehow get some return on the time I invest in the blog. You have to follow your heart on that, but ask yourself what is your motivation? Do you want to earn some money for all your hard work? Do you want to grow your blog? Do you want to expand on your pattern making skills? Then ask yourself why.

    If the reason why is SELFISH, then do it! That means you are doing it for yourself. If your answer self satisfaction, or accomplishment, or fabric money…then go on and do whatever you need. If not, you are already keeping your readers happy. We think you are awesome & famous, and love that you don’t have ads slowing down your site, and that you aren’t constantly writing paid posts, and that you keep it real. We don’t care if you don’t happy face exclamation point every post we write. Nobody has time for all that, and even if they do, good for them. But you don’t. I constantly have to tell myself “I can only do what I can do”.

    If you aren’t enjoying blogging write now, just sew for a while. There’s no law that says you have to post x amount of times per week. I’m sure consistency is great, but you only get one life Justine. I say do whatever you want, and don’t worry about what anybody else wants. Once you get a little selfish you will find your motivation again:)

    I happy faced you, lol!

    • Justine/ Sew Country Chick says

      Thanks Amy. You really are a fun person and I’m glad to have you around!

  4. says

    Hey Justine,

    I blog because I think it’s a great way to connect with like-mined people. It’s been a great way for me to make new friends and share our common interests. Maybe the world of craft/sewing blogs is more cutthroat than the world of Catholic Mommy blogs, I’ve never even seen the invitation-only series-things you’re talking about. But you have literally THOUSANDS of people who are interested in what you do on this blog, but even if it were only a dozen, it’s nice to have people to share your passions with. You should do it on terms that make you happy. I’ll always be grateful for your help with my blog when I was just starting out!


  5. Mie Brindle says

    Well Justine….you know what I will say: I love this post and even though I would never have the courage to post it ….it could be my own words! I think your blog is unique (in a good way) so if it was up to me please keep blogging. But please make surf you enjoy it because other wise it is definitely not worth it!
    Your friend Mie

    • Justine/ Sew Country Chick says

      Thanks for your encouragement Mie. I love blogging but was just having a venting grip whoa is me session.

  6. says

    I don’t think your blogging is narcissistic. Yesterday I was looking for help on a problem with my sister’s wedding dress, and I referred back to some of your posts. Even if your blog doesn’t have a specific “direction” or isn’t bringing in money, it is contributing to an amazing body of knowledge that is widely accessible and has totally changed the way people learn. I think that alone is awesome.

  7. says

    I too think of you as a “big time” blogger already. It sounds like you have some ideas germinating as to what you might want to do next. It’s ok to slow down in the blogging a little so you can grow other ideas if its something you want to do (maybe to prove to yourself that you can?). If all you want to do is blog without making it about promoting some other business venture, that’s ok too. I love reading about your projects. For me personally, I think of my own blogging as a relatively healthy release of my inner narcissist (which could certainly burst out in much more unhealthy ways if I didn’t do something about it). I definitely can agree with you that it’s really easy to compare oneself with others who seem to be doing the same thing, but who are ending up with more “success” whether that is measured in sponsors, followers, comments, or book-deals. There are some aspects of those successes that do appeal to me, but on the other hand it’s important to me, and sounds like it’s important to you too, to keep a balance in life. For me, blogging is mostly about documenting my projects as a hobby; I certainly don’t make any money off of it. Since blogging really only shows off what the author is willing to share, I don’t know how many of those with “success” also have failed relationships, out of control children, massive debt, or other issues that they aren’t sharing. What’s that saying floating around Pintrest about comparing your own “behind the scenes” with everyone else’s “highlight reel”? If you find blogging personally fulfilling, then keep at it. If you aren’t feeling it, take a little break, but please come back once and a while to let us know what’s new with you; and definitely pray. Prayer is never a bad idea.

  8. says

    I love this honest and refreshing post. I bet that all bloggers feel the same, and the ones that are making patterns, running series, and lining up sponsers are really stressed out and missing out on fun activities with their family. It’s all a trade off. Keep to what makes you happy and let the rest go. Know that your blog and tutorials are inspiring/helping so many of us out there.

  9. amy mayen says

    I agree so much with carihomemaker above. I keep coming back to this post to read the comments. I I like what she said about balance. The truth is, I’m not willing to put the effort in to make my blog bigger. So my desire to have a big fancy blog is trumped by my desire to hold on to my little chunk of free time. You just have to weigh out what’s most important to you, and what’s important to you may change.

    She’s totally right that it’s okay to do more, or less if you want. My biggest fear (because I LOVE blogging) is that if I got “big” it would turn into a job and I wouldn’t enjoy it anymore. Then I’d lose something that gives me a lot of joy right now. I say again, be selfish and do what you truly want.

    • amy mayen says

      P.S. all bloggers are narcissists. We just are. I’m the worst kind, I offer no free patterns, rarely a tutorial, just “here’s this thing I made. Shower me with praise!”. You however, offer so much to the sewing community. Yours was one of the first blogs I ever read and connected with. I promise, you are contributing something to this world.

  10. says

    Oh my goodness, Justine! If only you knew how inspiring you are to me. As a mother of three, I really don’t know how you do all the blogging you do with five children, and there are so many wonderful posts with some of my favourite photos (one of them being the one you have now added as your profile photo – hilarious!). I would be sad to see you stop blogging entirely, and I certainly don’t care if you have sponsors or not, or even how many followers you have (and you have HEAPS!). I read your blog for the amazing clothes you make, insights into your transition from having a VERY fabulous city life to a “quieter” time in the country and snippets about your home. Perhaps you could sit down and write a list of reasons why you blog versus where you want to see your blog heading (there is no shame in admitting if you want to generate income with it, good for you!), see which item on your list makes your heart sing the most and just pursue it for a year and see where it leads?

  11. says

    Justine, only you can know what is right for you and your blog and that will change over time as you have found. If you really feel like you want to sell patterns, then go for it; you most certainly have the skills, but if the desire is not there, the reality of the experience may not live up to the expectations. In a former life, I used to write and publish my own blackline masters (books for school teachers). I LOVED doing it and it brought in extra cash. However, as my little business became more successful, I found all my time taken up with selling and little time left for creating. It was at that point that I decided I had had my fun and let it go. I could have taken the business further, but my heart wasn’t in it anymore, so to me, there was no point.

    There’s no one judging you for not coming up to par (what ever you perceive that to be) with Blogger X. Blogger Y & Blogger Z. Your readers are your judges. If they like your content, then they’ll keep coming back and they certainly seem to be. I know many big bloggers blog to a formula, however, there can be a degree of monotony in doing the same things over and over, no matter how successful the formula appears to be. And the more bloggers that follow that same formula, the more it feels like more of the same. Your blog is unique and in your case, that is a good thing.

    I don’t have a plan for my blog and I don’t know where I’m headed. I just do what I enjoy when I feel like it. It works for me…

  12. domestic deconstructor says

    Argh! I know this…yes. It’s so hard. I have 4 kids, work FT, try to sew, blog, etc…haven’t even tried sponsors yet…have done some blogger pattern testing but haven’t been ‘invited’…I must suck at this. Do I ask to be invited and seem like a freaky loser-stalker? I’m a vet at Illustrator (15 yrs!), but haven’t used it for real pattern drawing… I was asked recently by a large blog aggregator/social site what my goals are…I guess ‘uh….’ Was the wrong answer. I should have inserted some smiley faces. One thing I do know…fallibility is a good thing. I respect and support you 1000x more for this post.

  13. says

    Brutally honest posts like this one are what make you seem ‘real’ to the rest of us new-bloggers. Every body feels the same way sometimes and getting it off your chest is the best thing. My suggestion? Relax! Contemplate your priorities for the next year (only a handful) and focus on them. Maybe you’ll blog more about home-schooling since that is what you’ll be spending your time doing? Maybe you’ll decide to take a break from blogging and re-evaluate what you want to gain from it then?

  14. Pienkel says

    Respect for your post, though I’m really just a small scale blogger with only 20 followers or so, and therefore look at you as one of the succesful big bloggers that seem to have a real business blogging, I can so relate to your doubts and feelings. Thanx for sharing, for me it’s reassuring that other people experience the same doubt and insecurities. Like you, I’m not always sure if blogging opened up opportunities for dreams and plans I already had, or just added more options and therefore more wants. However, for me it is just a hobby I enjoy intensely at the moment, expressing my creative projects and photos, hopefully over time developing to more.
    Hope you can continue doing what you like and not doing what you only feel you should do!

  15. says

    This is such an interesting post, and comments. I agree with so many others that you must do what makes you happy. Maybe taking a step back for a while will help you realise what you want to achieve. I do think it’s important to narrow the focus as there is so much we can potentially do, it is overwhelming. I have recently done this with my own small craft business, and feel much better for it. Letting go is liberating! Very best wishes.

  16. Marie says

    Justine, thanks so much for sharing this honest post, and no, you’re not alone! I often ‘curse’ the day I started blogging, because even though it’s been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done…it sometimes also leaves me feeling very frustrated and worthless. It’s hard not to compare yourself to others and want the same success as them and I end up feeling that I have no talent, imagination, drive etc. I think this is because blogging has definitely created a hunger in me to make a living out of blogging and/or creating, which is much harder to do than you think…hats off to everyone who has successfully made that leap! I’m no longer content with my office job and want way more from life. Then fitting it all in (making, photographing, editing, blogging, marketing…etc) with a full-time job and a tiny social life, is exhausting! BUT, the friendships alone that I’ve made through blogging are well and truly priceless! I feel so lucky to have met such wonderful people who I now consider good friends. And I still enjoy making and get that buzz from being complimented on a new item! So I’m trying to take it slow and let things develop organically, or at the very least, enjoy it for what it is…at the moment, a nice change from the norm ;o)

  17. Karin says

    I think your blog is beautifully presented with very high production values. You have nearly 1000 followers which is the level Gertie and Tasia were at when they launched into sewing businesses driven by their high blog profiles. 1000 followers is a high number in the sewing blog world. I would point out that many successful women’s interest bloggers do not have children. The Pioneer Woman has a lot of kids but also professional assistance. Fair enough.

    With gorgeous children of your own, you may not feel like prioritising career at the moment. Many women who don’t have to, chose not to. I think it’s a valid choice. My blog was half-baked, my figure needs attention, I’m often a little dishevelled, my career break is epic, BUT my kids are awesome!

    If all you want to be deep down is a hobby blogger that’s OK. For a hobby blog, I’d say you’ve reached the pinnacle. If you want or need to push your career forward then you have to sit down and figure out what to do with the kids for at least 40 hours per week while you go at it tooth, hammer and tong.

  18. Karen Ambrogi says

    Awww, it sounds like you’re in the blues a little bit. We all need to indulge that sometimes. I stumbled upon your blog a while back and LOVE it! The amount of sewing you accomplish and your creativity inspire me in my own sewing hobby. Pat yourself on the back! Thanks for being here!

  19. Jenya Thompson says

    Far out, you are a real person after all 🙂 Just kidding – I love your blog because it is real, and you are not trying to sell tons of stuff to me 🙂 I love it how you share your projects and experience with me. Well, me and maybe gazillion more people 🙂 And here is one more 🙂 Thank you 🙂 Now I have left my cheerful mark (hehe) I’d better go do those darn dishes!

  20. says

    Justine, you were one of the first bloggers to encourage me, and I will always be grateful for that. I love your style, your spunk, your experience, and your voice. I’m not cheerful by nature — more of the sarcastic and naval-gazing type — and I have a hard time deciding what to share online. You are genuine and talented. It’s awesome.

  21. christina says

    oh justine your not alone! i think we have all felt this way at one time or another. blogging is hard and it is time consuming. first you need to stop comparing yourself to others…your blog is amazing and one of my favorite reads. i love how you don’t have one straight direction…neither do i. you are a woman of many talents and your blog captures that. i prefer to read blogs that share more then just sewing…because i too like more then just sewing. go back to when you started blogging, what did you want to get from it? do you enjoy blogging? i personally do, but i don’t put pressure on myself. if i want to blog i do and if i need a break, i take one. i don’t take on sponsors for that reason, i don’t want the pressure of having to blog. remember blogging has to be fun!

    please don’t give it up or change how you blog. but if you are looking for a direction you would be great at sharing techniques. I am a totally self taught sew-er and could learn a ton from you! some times those little tricks save a ton of time and make a huge impact…but i have not discovered them yet.

    • Justine/ Sew Country Chick says

      Christina yours was one if the blogs I was so inspired by when I first started. I loved your photography and well rounded ness of what you do. Taking on sponsors does limit our authentic ness because we have to write about things we might not be so crazy about. It’s the same for sponsored posts. I don’t want my blog to become a big commercial either.

  22. says

    Justine, Your honesty and willingness to share your struggles/doubts/insecurities are greatly appreciated.:) Pam, Karin, and Amy made valid points about how it sounds like it’s time to take a hard look at what you want from your blog and where you want it to go. There’s no right answer. Do what brings you and your family joy.

    I’m a little tadpole in the blogging pond but even I have had my moments of feeling like I was back in high school. I had to take a hard look at my motivation(s). Ultimately, I came to the realization that for me to be happy I had to blog/share on social media because I wanted to…not for any recognition/praise it might bring. When your motivation becomes about “fame”, the times you post/share something and don’t get the response you expected it’s depressing! I decided that I wanted my blog to be a place to share my projects and to connect with other people who sew. I wasn’t going to spend my time hunting down link parties, pattern testing, guest posts, contests/sewalongs. If I have a project and the time to link up to a party…I do. But I don’t set out to make sure I have something to share. Pattern testing…if I’m asked and have the time/interest to do it, I do. Guest posts, same thing. Contests and sewalongs, I used to enter all the time and then be crushed when I didn’t win/get any kind of recognition. Now if I come across something that falls in line with sewing plans I already have, I participate. I’m a lot happier with myself and my blog. And the kids and husband are definitely happier that I’m not obsessing over the computer!

    Do what makes you happy and brings you joy, Justine!((hugs))

    • Justine/ Sew Country Chick says

      Thanks so much Cindy. It sounds like you found a good balance. I think it’s too easy to overextend yourself and then get burned out which is probably the case for me.

  23. robinsnc says

    I’m only a recent follower but have enjoyed your posts. I have blogged on and off for nearly 10 years. There were times it was a great outlet and I was composing posts in my head while away from the computer, excited to get back to post them. When I began to lose that satisfaction, I thought changing topics would help, but it didn’t. I work in publishing IRL and much of my working hours are spent on the same type of work bloggers are doing (social media, networking for sponsorship, etc.) I love sewing and creating and figured out that I don’t want to waste time doing those tasks that I’ve done all day, essentially “work.” For me, and maybe others, it’s all about what brings you joy each day. In hindsight, blogging was really good for me when I was miserable at work or bored after work. Now that my career is more fulfilling and our little family has grown to include an adorable toddler, I don’t need it. Do what makes you happy. And know there will be moments of annoyance or insecurity, but as long as you keep your happiness as the end goal, you’ll know what is right for you. If it becomes non-stop anxiety that would obviously be counter-productive as well as very unfortunate. You’ve got a great thing here and would be greatly missed.

  24. Jamie Sanders says

    Justine, For me, I pretty much just do what I want to do when I want to do it. I blog because I love to take pictures and share my ideas and projects with others, but I felt like I needed to stop annoying my facebook friends with my pictures.

    Sewing, making patterns cooking, ad photography are really just hobbies to me. I’m way to lazy to figure out how to make my patterns professional and sell them. I also find it very difficult to make something multiple times. I do feel pressured when I have committed to participating in something or accepted a sponsored post. (Mostly because I am a lazy procrastinator…) But I also don’t want to turn down some of the sponsored post opportunities about stuff I like, because, to me, it’s like free money.

    So really the only thing I have to do this week is stick to my diet, make a bathing suit cover up for Lindsay and a post about the new leap pad (which we love anyway.) Anything else is just a little “frosting”.

    I guess what I am trying to say is relax, do what makes you happy and just look at your blog as a way to share your ideas and project with others. Don’t stress about the other stuff.


  25. says

    I find my confidence ebbs and flows – you have to go with it for a while and recover your sense of yourself. I am sure you will have come across Amy Karol at – she has also been blogging for quite a time, making, reading, cooking, selling and home-schooling her three daughters. Perhaps her outlook on life holds some answers. I know I am torn between being a mother, wife, homemaker, employee and student (again) and at the same time I am looking for a way to become self-employed and therefore self-sufficient so that my family can see more of me. It is a balance and we don’t always have all the answers. It can be stressful and upsetting when others don’t seem to appreciate all you put in to your work but if it is made with honesty and love you can’t be doing wrong. Other lovely creative bloggers who have let us in to their ups and downs are at and <3 Love and be happy <3

  26. Tracy K. says

    I think moments like this are what push us to do more and try harder. I would say just try not to let these feelings drown you. You have a super blog and I am always amazed by your sense of style as well as your creativity. Please know there would definitely be a hole in the blogging world without you. I’ll try to comment more instead of just observing from up here in Northern Saskatchewan (or Quebec depending on the time of year) so you will know you have friends out here that you’ve never even met 🙂

  27. says

    I think that whatever we do in life, we have a tendency to compare ourselves with others. And when you do something public, like a blog, the temptation is even more so. But this can be so destructive. We are each individuals and thus should be be the best we can be, not what others can be. I have always been very confident in myself, but soon after starting to blog, I also started having self doubt. I told myself, if I can’t be happy with who I am as a blogger, I will stop. And that has helped me realize that I need to focus on what I can give that is of value to others. And not try to compare my value to that of others. We were each created different and this is what makes the world fun and interesting.

    • Justine/ Sew Country Chick says

      Thank you so much for such an insightful comment. It’s so true

  28. says

    Your post today really resonated with me! I’m sorry you’ve been feeling a bit down about you’re blogging / the blogosphere. I know what you mean about everyone being so downright cheerful all the time, and the appearance of the green-eyed monster. Blogging takes a humongous amount of energy and drive. One I myself am lacking. I haven’t updated in over a year! But that is my own choice ultimately. I couldn’t be bothered.
    Perhaps you need to sit down and think about what you really want from this blog, and also your life. You made a huge decision to leave your life in LA and move somewhere quieter. A choice I really respect (not that I would think less of you if you hadn’t, just the effort it took to change it and your reasoning). You are a full time mother of 5! An impressive feat on it’s own. Perhaps you need to think about having some sort of a career. For yourself. But don’t feel pressured into using your blog to make money, or turning in into a career if that’s not for you. Just because you trained in something doesn’t mean that’s what you have to do. Maybe your dissatisfaction with your blog is a sign that you feel something’s missing from your life. Or maybe its just the grass is greener syndrome. Often I look at other people’s lives, and think wow, I wish my life was like that, I wish I had such a successful career. But when I sit back and think about it, I want a quiet life. I’d hate to have to try and manage my own time so effectively; to try and lobby my business (I think it would feel like trying to sell your own babies – plus I have no business acumen whatsoever). So in hindsight I am happier with my life. I feel happier when I think things through this way. Take the time to re-evaluate your life and the direction its heading. You may not want to change anything, but you may feel better when you think about what you have achieved. As others above have said, as far as I’m concerned this is a very successful blog, I and many others enjoy reading it, and learn from it. Your blog is yours to do with as you choose.
    It bears remembering that the internet is a doorway to the fast lane, and a window over ‘greener pastures’. I try not to spend too much time looking at things I ‘think’ I want, but don’t really even need. The internet community itself can unintentionally be a kind of giant peer pressure. Don’t let it get to you. But do use it to drive yourself if that’s what you really want to do. Good luck either way. As another commenter said above, its ‘nice’ to know that the ‘big bloggers’ have the same insecurities the rest of us have! I wish you well.

    • Justine/ Sew Country Chick says

      Thank you so much Jadestar for such a thoughtful response. You have made a lot of great points and given me a lot of great things to think about. I really like your points about the Internet being a window over greener pastures

  29. Rachael says

    I’m a mom with a full time job (raising and schooling your kids is full time too!). I’ve recently started seeing for my kids, and have considered blogging, but I couldn’t imagine where I would find the time to do it professionally (maybe when the kids are all in school?). I’m also not too good at being excited about everything all the time, and I just have to speak my mind about things — like if I don’t like what you did, I’d tell you or keep quiet. What does make me consider blogging is that it’s nice to look back at what you’ve done — there’s a record for your reference. So, do it for yourself. Challenge yourself and enjoy it; don’t let the perceived rules such the joy out of it for you 🙂

  30. says

    Yes! I got tired of blogging, and I took a blog break this summer. And I can tell you that it has been refreshing and liberating! You gave me some great tips last January about blogging, and I totally appreciate the time you took to do a little blogging mentoring. This summer I was going to jump right into the social media craze to try and put my blog more on the map, and the whole idea began to overwhelm me. So I asked myself why I was blogging. Did I really need to spend so much time courting followers? Was my blog fun anymore? I decided that I had created a “false” responsibilty to myself where there didn’t need to be one. I’ve decided that this has been so nice not worrying about blogging that I am going to slow it way down. I’ve been asked by one of my followers what I’ve read this summer so I will do a post in the near future about some great books. And then, who knows when I will post again. Eventually. When I feel like it.

    Thank you for this post and your candor. I totally understand where you are coming from. For your information, I also stopped reading a lot of blogs, popping in now and then if something looked interesting, but I always stopped in at your blog whether I commented or not. I’ve learned a lot from you. You are good at this, and I like what you post. All of these comments say the same thing. But you need to decided what is good for you and your family, and if that is keeping things status quo, awesome. If it is ramping up or slowing down or quitting, awesome. Do what is right for you. Good luck Justine.

    • Justine/ Sew Country Chick says

      Thanks so much Lisa, I wondered about you. It’s good to see you back!

  31. Renae says

    First let me say ‘thank you!’ for posting this. I much prefer to read blogs of those who are open and honest, than those who seems so together and perfect all the time.

    You only have to look at my blog(s) to see I get a bit disheartened and directionless. I want to have a well known (well even known by 100 people would be lovely!) blog and sit down making plans, creating printables to one day give away, sew things for my long neglected hobby shop, all with the intent that I’ll be one of those people who post daily, join in all the link parties, maybe make some new buddies.. but then my day to day life gets in the way.. I spend my free time reading other people’s posts (and typing mammoth replies haha).. I don’t know.. Part of me thinks social media platforms like twitter, FB, and especially Instagram remove some of that need to share things on the blog, because you can snap a pic and share it without writing. hmm.. I’m thoughtful now.

    You do what feels right for you, don’t worry about what others do- it sounds so simple doesn’t it.

  32. Olga Becker says

    You are honest and real and that’s what we like about you. You also genuine and actually stop by and leave comments if you like something regardless if it’s a big blog or a tiny blog. Also, you take the time to respond to comments. I appreciate that.

  33. says

    I meant to write you a comment on this yeasterday when I first read it. But I didn’t! I couldn’t find the right words I wanted to use and right now I haven’t either, so I will just tell you that there’s no wrong in being a little selfish sometimes. I look at you as a big blogger, always have! Many times I find the winners of some sewing contests NOT the best of all, I think those contests are ruled by popularity mostly… and of course if another blogger has much more followers than yours, they will get more votes too, so don’t feel under appreciated that you were voted off with what you thought to be a great work. I am sure it was, you are a wonderful seamstress. We all feel tired of blogging every now and then, just try to look at what’s really important. If you feel like sewing then sew, if you feel like blogging then blog, if you just want to spend time with your family: Do it! If you want to complain about it all, do it too! And you’ll see you’re not alone!

  34. says

    Hi, I haven’t read all the comments yet, but wanted to say that although I’m sorry you are feeling this way, I’m also relieved to read it. I’ve been blogging for 8 years, initially with no more intention than to keep a log of my own work. My blog changed track four years ago when my fifth child sadly died. I have five other children, and I’ve sewn and sewn over the past four years, therapy as much as anything else…oh dear I’m rambling. I just wanted to say thank you for your honesty. I know how hard it is to do it all, with a large family to take care of. Looks to me like you are doing great. Your blog is fab. x

  35. Valerie says

    I really like your blog and your expertise coupled with your honesty. It can be frustrating knowing you have all the elements to turn sewing & blogging into a business but not being sure you want to do it, or have the time and commitment to do it. Basically I just want to say that you have voiced a lot of things that I have felt. My own decision was that I could only be me and not let it stress me even as a hobby! Good luck with whatever direction you choose.

  36. briscoeslochico says

    Keep doing what your doing. Your precious babies are more important than any business, and this way we get a little piece of you too. Ps: hotel Cali has the BEST cilantro salt ever made. I make special trips to Todos just to buy it.

  37. Emily says

    I like you b/c you’re real. I think it’s normal to get tired of blogging. I think you’re awesome! The thing I like most about having is a blog is being able to upload my pics in one place (and have a back up!) and watching my Ansley grow up in the posts. I used to keep a journal but haven’t for a while now; the blog is the closest thing.

  38. Tania says

    I read a lot of blogs and yours is one of my favourites for the simple fact it is just about you and your experiences in sewing and other adventures. I get loads of great ideas from your blog, which I have actually used in my own crafting adventures. Although I also love and enjoy the blogs associated with selling their own lines of patterns etc. I sometimes find them one dimensional in that they don’t venture outside their business. I like to see other people trying out a wide range of patterns that I am interested in and also using, be it commercial or independent, I use it for my own inspriration. I can’t imagine the stress that is involved in maintaining an up to date blog with family and other life commitments, but I really do think that you are providing your readers with loads of enjoyment and inspiration. I am a big fan and will follow you in all further endeavours that you may venture into.