Batik Quilter’s Cotton Shorts & Top #SewYourStyle

Batik quilter's cotton shorts & top #sewyourstyleWhen JoAnn’s  asked me if I would take part in Your Sew Your Style Campaign for National Sewing Month I was very excited to meet the challenge!

The objective?

Make something from some of the quilting cottons at JoAnn’s that goes with your style.

I should mention that if you like contests JoAnn is sponsoring one. Sew something non traditional from quilter’s cotton, post it on their FB page and you can win 1,000 dollars! Here is the link to the contest information.

Now most quilting cottons prints are more suitable for something my daughter might wear than myself. Would I be able to even find anything I liked?  Lately, I’ve been into the style of clothes you might find at Lucky Brand or in the Sundance catalog. It goes with my casual Southern California lifestyle. I’m definitely not into kitschy, bright prints . I need everyday basics I can mix and match. I probably wouldn’t wear this top with the shorts. I’d wear it with jeans and then I’ll  probably wear the shorts with a black or navy t shirt. Batik quilter's cotton shorts & top #sewyourstyleAs I perused the quilter’s cottons  I found some pretty batik prints. Perfect! I love anything hand blocked and Indigo so this fabric shouted out at me. “BUY ME!” So I did. It was on sale for 7.50  a yard and I used my JoAnn phone app coupon to get another 15% off.Batik quilter's cotton shorts & top #sewyourstyle

Now that I had my fabric , I had to think what type of garment would be suitable to sew in a quilter’s weight cotton. While many people make adorable little girls clothes from quilter’s cottons, sewing women’s clothes from it introduces a special set of challenges. It’s quite stiff and doesn’t drape well, and it’s a little too thick to use for many projects.
While I wouldn’t use QC for a gathered skirt, soft dress , blouse, or anything that needs a nice drape, it’s perfect for things like shorts, a yoke on a top, and simple skirts.While I was at JoAnn I bought  New Look 6026  to make my yoked top. Simplicity6026I find a lot of the New Look make great basics and they usually fit me without having to make any adjustments, a nice change for sure.  Plus, they are only four dollars. It was a very simple top to make and has little ties in the back to make it a bit more fitted. I used the batik cotton for the yoke and used the blanket stitch on my new Bernina. Since the cotton is already pretty thick, I didn’t bother to use any interfacing.blanketsticthFor my shorts I used McCall’s 6756. I shortened the waistline two inches and made the waistband bigger since the shorts don’t sit at but below my waist now. When I sewed these up the high waist just didn’t look right. Sort of dorky actually. Way too high.  So I took the waistband off, cut off two inches from the shorts waist, and then had to patch the waistband to make it longer. Gaaah!!.

But it was worth it. I felt to mumsy in them the other way. Even though I am a mumsy. I know high waisted is back in buuuuut…. it’s not the best look for me.  A nice thing about sewing for yourself is that after awhile you really start to learn what types of silhouettes work.

. I also did a pattern adjustment for my butt since I was hardly fitting into the first pair I made last year.  I wrote a tutorial for that pattern adjustment here.Batik quilter's cotton shorts & top #sewyourstyleI also added some cuffs to the bottoms, but they’re hard to see because of the pattern.

Thanks to JoAnn for the challenge. They provided me with a gift card to buy the fabric (disclosure). I know I will wear these pieces lots!


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  1. Judy says

    Justine, This out fit is so cute.. Looks great on you.. Nothing like quilting cottons.. Fun to sew.

  2. says

    Fabulous outfit Justine. This pair of shorts fits perfect! I am with you on the highwaisted thing…