Batik maxi dress

Summer is here for our family. The kids had their last day of school Friday and now we need to figure out how not to drive each other crazy! 
For day two of Me Made June I’m wearing a maxi dress I made from some Anna Sui fabric. I loved the border print on it and used it as the bodice inset as well. I started out with a halter pattern maxidress but ended up starting over with my own pattern because I think halters are uncomfortable. I also can never seem to get around to finding a halter bra although I did find a good tutorial for making your own which I’ll have to dig up to share.

I added this chiffon floral trim to the neck. I didn’t make it but bought it at a trim shop in the downtown LA garment district. I think it was just the touch the dress needed.

Here is a rare photo with my newly minted high school senior son in it. The girls were all doing their nails. Nail polish is a sign of summer for them since they aren’t allowed to wear it at school. That’s a little TOO strict if you ask me. Can you guess how much the baby loves her big brother?

We put them to work young around here. Just don’t call CPS on me for letting her use those big scissors. It was a good salad. Thanks to my hubby for growing it.


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  1. A.J.A. says

    Gorgeous dress, gorgeous lettuce, and gorgeous family 🙂 Looks like you are living a beautiful life there!

  2. marysews says

    Love the dress (purple is my favorite color), cute kids, love the garden~

  3. MJ/Sweetwater Cloth says

    I love your dress, the style, the fit, the fabric, the trim, the color!

    and i’m loving the gardening boots, obviously you’ve passed on your good taste 🙂

  4. Brandy Layton says

    Gorgeous dress, gorgeous family….those gardening boots are wonderful!

  5. Vintage Girl says

    I have been meaning to come by and say I love what you are wearing/making for MMJune. Both days have been great dresses. So very pretty, they suit you well!

  6. Anna. Kathryn Vaughn says

    I love that trim. My family is the opposite of your. One girl and three boy. My oldest was 15 when the youngest was born with two boys in between. Now she is 30 and he is 15; he says sometimes he feels like he has two mothers. Wonder why. He is handsome and the girls are gorgeous. I wish I could be lucky to find an estate sale.

  7. Sew Country Chick says

    Anna, in our family it is like the baby has two fathers sometimes. Her 17 year old brother is so parental with her. I guess it’s good training for them. And it’s taught my 15 year old daughter how hard being a parent actually is! Foe estate sales just go to and punch in your zip code.

  8. Sophia says

    I love the dress and the added trim on the neckline. Very summery. Your children are adorable and I love that you have them outside in the garden, what a great thing for them.

  9. Anonymous says

    I love you blogs, so helpful and fun! And you toddler is just the cutest little thing!