Backstage at the fashion show

The show went off well today! There were 27 dresses in all and I was lucky to get an aunt of one of the models to do hair and makeup at the last minute. Liz did a great job. It was really hectic getting all the girls in their outfits buta lot of fun! I was backstage the whole time so I’ll probably have to wait a little while to get some photos of the show but here are a few pics of some of the girls:

The first three photos and the last one are vintage and the rest were made by me.
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  1. Sew Country Chick says

    Yeah, your probably bored of seeing these dresses. I promise I have some new projects on the horizon!

  2. Another Sewing Scientist says

    I am in love with the dress in photo #9! Did you use a pattern, or is it self drafted? I’d love to make one, because that shape would be flattering on me. 😉

  3. Sew Country Chick says

    That was a project for maling a dress with a flounce I did about 20 years ago! I stopped sewing for about 15 years so I’m probably at that level again. I’d like to recreate that one.