Baby sweater made from mens’ thrift shop sweaters

I have been collecting wool sweaters at the thrift shop for awhile now. I have an ever-growing assortment of cashmeres, merinos, and plain wools. I know this idea has been getting pretty trendy but there is something about a two dollar cashmere sweater that I just can’t resist. Being a sweater hoarder however isn’t one of my life’s goals so it’s time to get sweater crafty!
 The sweaters I don’t keep or give away keeping get thrown in the washing machine on hot and the dryer to shrink with the intention of making baby clothes. I’ve made a few pairs of baby pants and tops and hats but this is my first more complicated piece. It’s a little sweater coat I made from a Mccall’s pattern designed for polar fleece.
I made this from some Merino Wool sweaters I shrunk in the machine.
I had some trouble with the collar and setting in the too puffy sleeves. This is just a prototype .
The appliques sort of look like eyes don’t they?
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  1. Rita Stafford says

    This is beyond a prototype. It’s wonderful and fun! I want one!

  2. Fiona says

    I love this sweater. I now have my eye on some of my hubby’s old ones. Hope you give a sewing class soon!

  3. Sharon says

    Justine, the sweater is beautiful!…so creative. Genevieve is the perfect model