Another tennis dress : Jalie Anne Marie

Jalie Anne MarieWhen I decided to get into tennis by joining a city run evening class, I would have never thought I’d stick with it for almost two years and join a women’s USTA league. I may only be playing at the 3.o level, the beginning level for competitive tournaments, but I’m totally excited and also a little nervous! And kind of proud of myself for jumping into it at 45 and not letting myself think I’m too old to take up a new sport.

So of course I needed to make a new tennis dress! Jalie Anne MarieSo I got my Jalie Anne Marie pattern out again. This is my third version of this little dress. And I love it even more than the last one!

I skipped the built in bra part, and instead connected the two back pieces to make one piece. Then I just turned under all the seam allowances and used the coverstitch machine to finish the edges instead of adding the lining and shelf bra. Since I already wear a sports bra, I don’t need a built in shelf bra with the elastic at the bust. And that little shelf bra by itself was not going to cut it anyway. If you’re looking for a seriously supportive sports bra this one by Victoria’s Secret will keep you totally bounce free. It’s actually a bra within a bra. Two for the price of one! Hence the reason I didn’t add the built in one. (This isn’t an affiliated link. )Jalie Anne MarieI don’t really know what this fabric is, but I bought the black stuff at Fabric Planet in downtown LA, and the geometric print at FIDM a long time ago. It’s some sort of nylon swimwear fabric with lycra. It has a matte texture. I cut a size S again. I didn’t add the elastic to the top of the back pocket. That created a bit of bulk I didn’t want again. Hopefully, it won’t get stretched out when I put all the tennis balls in there. pocket

The ladies at practice raved about how much they like the pocket being in back instead of having to pop up the balls under little shorts. Who wants a bunch of balls sticking out from your hips and why the heck can’t someone design some shorties with side pockets instead of making us have to put the balls up under our shorts and get all the dirt on our bare legs? Not to mention it just feels kind of gross and unhygienic to have those tennis balls up under my shorts. OK, that’s maybe a little too much info.  I’m making stretch shorts with side pockets next time I make tennis wear!Jalie Anne MarieI don’t need to worry about that in this dress.Jalie Anne Marie


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  1. Hélène Martin says

    It’s so cool that you’re competing! The dress is totally smashing with some very practical details. Love it!

  2. Sandy Osborne says

    Fabulous tennis dress — and it looks great on you! Good luck in your competitions 🙂

  3. Justine says

    So great, Justine!!! And so creative! Great job again!!! 🙂 On both the dress and the playing tennis. Looks great!!!

  4. karen lyon says

    I don’t believe those built in bra thingies found in patterns or RTW are suitable for anyone over the age of 20. It is assumed that the chest will hold itself in place and just require a little shaping. So wrong! I think you are wise to bypass the pattern bra pieces and go with what you know works for you. I have to do the same thing for most bathing suits as those built in bras are definitely not up to the task.
    This involves a few incantations and some NASA tech to keep things where they belong. Who knows, hydraulics may be required in the future. Right now RTW means when you get around to fixing it.
    The dress looks great and I am glad you enjoy your tennis. It is always a great feeling of satisfaction to know you are improving as time goes on.