Another go at Butterick 6464

Last time I made Lisette for Butterick’s 6464 halter top straight out of the envelope, and it was really short! For this version I added three inches to the pattern to the size 12 I made an FBA to last time. I also forgot to cut the front in two pieces and cut it on the fold instead. That made the front even bigger, since I didn’t lose the seam allowances.

I’m using a polyester feather print I found in DTLA. I also have my Pajama jeans on! Made from a mash up of Ginger jeans and the Jalie Eleanore pattern, these pants are so comfy I could sleep in them. I used this really neat stretchy knit that looks like denim given to me from Organic Cotton Plus.

I used a decorative stitch from my Bernina on the neckline. The neckline looked a little wonky, I used cotton poplin, but didn’t interface it, so I tried to disguise the waviness with the stitching. It’s not perfect, but whatever! And now that I’m looking at the pictures, I can see from the hem I also cut it slightly off grain . I’ll blame it on the slippery poly. Aack!!

If I insisted on perfection, I wouldn’t be able to wear the majority of my handmade wardrobe. I’ve learned to love my pieces even with their imperfections, much like I love my family members! But of course I love my family members more than my clothes, lol! At least most of the time, that’s true.

I bought a halter bra especially for wearing with tops like this, but I found it so uncomfortable. I’m just wearing a cheap sports bra from Target.

It seems I have gotten my sewing mojo back. I’ve got lots of projects planned, so I look forward to blogging more often.

Happy sewing!


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  1. Cat says

    LUV this and especially the detail you added at the neck. I have bras where the straps can be unhooked and crossed and then hooked back on. I agree it is uncomfortable. I am to the point now I just let them show especially if they are a nice color! They really should make interchanging bra straps in different colors!.

  2. Brenda Kimberlin says

    I’m in the middle of making this top now as well — I took your earlier advice about adding length, but I completely messed up the next band and will have to cut all those pieces out again … so I’ve had to put the whole thing aside for a few days until I can get my sewing rage under control !! However, I’m glad to see that cutting the front as one piece worked out ok – I’ll try that next time. The neckband looked so simple to me, but it turned out to be way above my pattern-reading skill level. I’m still not completely sure that I understand all the directions for it, but I’ll give it another go …

  3. Sandy Osborne says

    Love your philosophy on imperfections. I have to keep reminding myself all the time not to be so critical 😉
    Cute top! Great idea with the decorative stitching. And I’m going to have to go look at that stretchy denim-thanks for the link. I’d like to make some “pajama jeans”

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