Self drafted cocktail dress

Hi I’m Justine! Mother, designer, writer, bon vivant, and creator of the Sew country chick sewing and handmade living blog.
And no, I don’t normally wear pink stilettos and handmade sheath dresses in my garden. But why not, right? I obviously watched a few Green Acres reruns. You gotta love Eva Gabor!
Most days you will find me working on some type of sewing project in the dining room of my old farmhouse where I can keep an eye on my kids.
This blog is a diary of my creative projects. in 2010, I decided I wanted to live a more creative life. I went to design school and worked as a fashion designer and costumer in my early twenties, but quit after marrying and having children. I wanted to start creating again, so I decided to start a blog to keep track of my progress.
I now make things. Lots of things!
But mostly, I make clothes.
For myself, my eighteen, eleven, and four year old daughters. (I also have a twenty year old son and a twenty seven year old stepdaughter.)
And sometimes I design and create craft and sewing projects, costumes, etc, for others.
Dress made from a men's shirt and a 1942 sewing pattern.

Dress made from a men’s shirt and a 1942 sewing pattern.

Why the name Sew Country Chick?
Our family moved from a very busy, urban Los Angeles¬† to the country so we could homeschool, garden organically, raise chickens, and try living a handmade lifestyle. Homeschooling didn’t work out. I was way too disorganized for it, so off to school I sent my kids.
I was a little bored out here quite frankly, and quickly realized I needed to stay connected to something outside of our little farmstead. In 2010, while pregnant with my youngest child, I discovered the world of blogs and was hooked.
A few months later I started a blog of my own. I wasn’t sure how to do it at first. In fact, I could barely upload a photo, but have learned a lot along the way. Like many bloggers I just chose my name randomly, having no idea if I would even blog for a couple of months, let alone several years.
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you will be inspired to create something for yourself.

My theatrical designs

Sewing for myself and my girls
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Craft Expert/ demonstarator  for Plaid Enterprises at international Craft & Hobby Association Trade Show, 2014
Guest Speaker Craftcation Conference 2012, Ventura, California
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Costume Designer, Santa Paula Theater 2011-Present
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