A Striped Tye Dye Shirt for July 4th: Summer Of Joann

I had made some hand painted American flag shorts for Gigi last year and they still fit her. They tend to do a lot of growing UPWISE but not so much WIDTHWISE at this age.
A red, white, and blue tye dye t shirt was just the thing that she needed to go with her shorts!
Tie Dye Stripes
We were going to the home of our good friends, who have a lovely home in the hills of Malibu for the fourth of July after a day at the beach. They are a creative family, and built their own home themselves. They raise chickens, grow their own food ,and run a successful pre school on their property. It’s just lovely! And they have great parties with lots of DELICIOUS food!
Tie Dye Stripes
A Malibu view.
The shed/ workroom/ outdoor dining room.
We ate at a long communal table our host made himself.
It was a nice Independence day.
I love the simple beauty of these water bottles in a rustic setting with a vintage tablecloth.
Here are some directions to make your own striped tye dye short. The directions from the original Where’s The Beach T Shirt Project shown above can be found here.
I cut down a ladies fitted T I bough at Joann. I chose the fitted t because I liked the smaller neckhole.
I sewed up the sides and lifted up the armholes , using one of Gigi’s tees for a template.
I used my hairbands to section off the t shirt then soaked the t shirt in 1 tbsp.soda dye for twenty minutes. We squirted Rit Dye in bottles mixed with  equal parts water on each section, saturating the fabric really well.
It sat for an hour before I removed the bands and  rinsed it.
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  1. amy mayen says

    Looks like a great party with fun hosts! Your littlest has your smile! I want to try the fabric dying where you press shapes into it (like leaves) and set it out in the sun…it’s like batik the dying…idk what it’s called. Cute project!