A Perfect Pillowcase Peasant Dress & A Frida Kahlo Flower Crown

pillowcase peasant dress frida kahlo flower crown 
Today I’m participating in the Peek a Boo Patterns Blog Tour.
Amy the designer of Peek A Boo Patterns has some very cute and fun to make styles. One of which is the Perfect Peasant Dress  (affiliate link)which I am showing you today.
I cut the entire dress from an old embroidered pilllowcase!
This is a great dress for a beginner. And the style is timeless.
It can be handed down for years.
I also made a felt flower crown to go with this outfit.
When I finished the dress I was reminded of a Mexican Dress and I thought it would be fun to elaborate on that theme and fix up Gigi’s hair like Frida.
So I made a crown for her.
Out of an old, felted sweater in my stash.
Waste not, want not!

Frida Kahlo Flower Crown

frida kahlo flower crown

I didn’t have enough fabric on the pillowcase to cut the sleeves the full length so I cut off about 3 inches, creating a cap sleeve. I also made the bodice a little more narrow, about 4 inches . From looking at the pattern I could tell it would be too large for her in width. She still fits in a size 3 but it’s  too short. I cut her dress in a 4 for length. The neat thing about this pillowcase was I didn’t have to hem it or sew side seams! The pattern also comes with instructions for a sash but I decided not to make it. If the belt isn’t attached to the dress, there is a good chance it will end up in the back of someone’s closet.

pillowcase peasant dress frida kahlo flower crown

pillowcase peasant dress frida kahlo flower crown
Fun times in the yard. Enjoying a beautiful September afternoon.

pillowcase peasant dress frida kahlo flower crown

Below is our front yard. The wall was made by one man. He spent six months building it, collecting  rocks from the river across the road. He learned how to build stone walls from his father when he was a boy in Mexico. He used to bring his little boy and his wife every day. His little boy would hand him the small rocks. He was only about three. He was so cute and he had his own little shovel. There was a huge pile of rocks in the yard and all of the kids would play on it. There had been heavy rains and flooding that year we moved here from LA, and we were pretty much stranded here for 5 months with no access to town, because the road had fallen down into the river. We used to enjoy rollerblading on the empty but once busy road out front. It was a good thing I was homeschooling the kids already. There was a family that lived across the road with 9 children that became very close with my kids. Their mother became very ill and passed away that winter while we were all stranded without the road,and the youngest was only one. It was a winter of tragedy and sadness out here. I love this wall but it also sometimes reminds me of that time.
That was way back before this little one was born.

I am very blessed.
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  1. amy mayen says

    I love that you incorporate stories and some history into your posts. It’s what makes your blog so love able, aside from being a great sewing resource!

    As for your dress…remember when you said you stated sewing and were making these lovely vintage tablecloth dresses that you’d never wear? This one has just the right amount of vintage without being the slightest bit dowdy. I love the classic shape with your pillowcase! Very sweet.

  2. says

    This isThis is an adorable dress, and being a Frida Kahlo fan myself, I couldn’t help but fall for that crown.

    • Justine/ Sew Country Chick says

      I wish I could wear one too but I think I’m too old…

    • Justine/ Sew Country Chick says

      They would be perfect for your Debbie’s Birthday pattern Suz!

  3. Teresa says

    This is such a beautiful dress. I love the bottom hem! And the flower crown is something my girl would absolutely gush over!!!
    And that wall…what an awesome wall. Do you write down these stories so that the next owner of the house can know all about it? I have a friend who lives in a very old house and when she bought it, the owner handed her several books where stories of the house’s construction and renovations had been documented!

    • Justine/ Sew Country Chick says

      Yes the house and property have lots of stories going back to the 1800’s . It was an 8,000 acre ranch bought for a Spanish land grant family.

  4. Stone Cottage Adventures says

    The dress is darling! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  5. Janlynn says

    By far the cutest pillowcase dress I have ever seen. You have given it shape and life. I do enjoy your stories too.

  6. Olga Becker @ Kid Approved says

    Too cute! Makes me want to chop up the pillowcase I have in my stash! Love the photo shoot!

  7. Carol Pack Urban says

    I love this dress and know my granddaughters would love them, too!

  8. Jenya @ While she was sleeping says

    Beautiful dress 🙂 I really like the sleeves this way 🙂 Looking forward to more stories about the house and surroundings 🙂 I really like old houses 🙂 They are full of stories!

  9. Sewing Mom says

    The dress is lovely…I have a couple of those pillow cases too. The pattern link isn’t working…could you send me a working link? Also, did it call for a pillowcase?

  10. says

    The dress is just delightful and looks lovely on your little beauty. Thank you for sharing the story about your wonderful wall.