A Negroni shirt for my husband in chambray

I  sewed something for my husband!!! Only after being married for twenty years….
It doesn’t help that my husband is super picky about fashion. To be honest, I didn’t think I could sew well enough to pass the test until now.
I guess I passed because he loves this shirt and has been wearing it a lot!
And I think he looks really good in it if I do say so myself…

 I used the Colette Negroni pattern and yes, It’s as good as all the hype about it floating around the blogosphere says it is. This fit him straight out of the envelope and the fit is narrow enough to be fashionable but not too narrow for his taste. He’s into this traditional retro American look this year.

He won’t wear anything unless it’s made in the US or Europe or Japan. He’s a bit of fashion snob. But he has principles. He hates how all of the clothing companies have moved production overseas, and the resulting decline in quality and workmanship.
Those glasses he’s wearing are from Randolph Engineering, an eyewear company that has been making eyeglasses in Boston for decades. His jeans are handmade by a design duo out of San Francisco called Jack Knife Outfitters. The belt is by Filson, a company in Seattle that still makes their leather goods here. And yes, buying things made in the US costs a pretty penny.

 I could go on about his cool style but here’s the thing: He likes my shirt enough to wear it over and over. I just might make him another one! This is a casual style double yoked shirt and doesn’t have a collar stand. I’d say an intermediate sewist could make this , no problem.

 This pattern was a dream to sew up. The directions were really thorough and easy to follow. I used a beautiful slub chambray from Michel Miller that is made in Japan. I bought it here at Superbuzzy. They have the COOLEST fabrics! And I’m lucky enoght o live about twenty minutes from their shop in Ventura. The buttons are from my vintage collection. The thread was organic and made in the Netherlands… I spared no expense on this project veering away from my usual bargain basement tendencies

 OK, there are a few loose threads! I used my sewing machine to sew the buttonholes on. I love this technique and think I may share a little trick I learned, involving removing the presser foot and sewing the button on freehand. The placket is also a nice touch. I am so in love with this fabric. I need to make something for myself with this. Soon.

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  1. Seams2Be says

    Beautiful job, love the fabric. Been following your blog for awhile but this is my first time commenting. I really enjoy your blog. You are an amazing seamstress. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Teresa says

    After seeing the Negroni at Sew Mama Sew’s challenge I’ve been interested in sewing this shirt! Your husband’s new shirt looks awesome. I have the Jedediah pants by Thread theory next in line for my husband, but maybe I should get the Negroni pattern for after that!

  3. Leslie says


    My husband isn’t the picky one when it comes to his clothing, I am. I’m not sure I could ever make a shirt look store-bought and I don’t want him wearing something that looks like a middle school home ec project to meet with clients!

  4. sewVery says

    Very impressed with both your sewing skills and the fact that you convinced your husband to be on the blog!

  5. Janlynn says

    Your shirt looks wonderful. You did a great job on the top stitching. Your pockets line up and I know that it takes careful marking and planning for that to happen.
    It is refreshing that your husband is so aware of where his clothing comes from and that he uses his money to empower the local markets.
    I have made a few shirts over the years for my husband and he wears them all. Even the ones I am not so proud of. We have been married 35 years this September. When we first started dating I made him a denim vest. Yes, it was the 70’s but we wore it until it was a rag.

  6. Sew Blessed Maw says

    Justine, you did an excellent job on hubby’s shirt..It looks great on him, and I am so proud he likes it.[He looks very nice it it..perfect fit.]
    I love the fabric.. It would be a really cute dress..

  7. says

    The shirt if fabulous, Justine! And my, is your husband handsome.:) I got my hands on the Negroni pattern this summer and am hoping to make a shirt for my husband for his birthday (which is in Nov.). We’ll see!

  8. says

    My guy also prefers to support companies that produce local and ethically-made apparel, so he loves when I make him clothes. The tricky part is finding fabric that is also sourced ethically… usually fabric stores don’t tell you (or know themselves) where the fabric was milled. I admire your quest to purchase fabric from Japan and use organic thread. What a great project, and I’m so glad your hubs loves it!

  9. Shirley Ann says

    What a nice shirt! I have felt the same about sewing for my husband…that I may not sew well enough to attempt that for him yet. My husband is also particular about his clothing. I figure I need to get really good with shirts for my son and then one day, just one day, I can make my husband something. He already gave me the go ahead to make something, so I need to get this pattern for that moment when I feel brave!

  10. cynthia says

    your husband sounds great! and i’m going crazy over the plackets on the sleeves! yum!

  11. says

    Wow it turned out great! I’ve been eyeing up this pattern too. I’m nervous about the alterations I would need to make. Still working up the nerve!

  12. amy mayen says

    Beautiful work! The guys don’t get much love, do they?! You should feel proud-of your sewing and shopping ethics, and that Fashion Snob approves. Btw he’s pretty sexxay!

  13. Caila says

    Oh my word, so handsome! It looks fantastic on him! Great job, Justine!

  14. Victoria says

    Wow, your husband is picky, but the end results are so well worth it. Beautiful job, handsome husband, great style!

  15. Marie says

    This is great, this looks great on your hubby!!! I must stop being so selfish and make my boyfriend one soon!

  16. says

    Absolutely smashing! It’s a testament to your work an fabric choices that he wears it often. I just finished my first shirt for my husband as well. A dress shirt made of herringbone striped Burberry fabric. I doubt he will wear it for anything other than the Gatsby event I made it for, but we’ll see!

  17. MinnesotaMary says

    Wonderful job with wonderful results! I love that your husband only wants American made and well made products. If only it was easier to find these days. I also read “Overdressed” and was just sickened by it all. How are you coming with the jacket you are making for him?

  18. Merche Martinez says

    What a coincidence! I just bought the Negroni pattern reciently and I´m looking for a nice fabric to make it for my husband. No need to hurry, it is still too warm in here for him to stop using his adored t-shirts. Thanks for the rewiew, now I really, really have to make it!

  19. Olga Becker says

    The shirt looks like it came out from a very expensive store and that it certainly wasn’t mass produced in China. Great job.

  20. Justine of SewCountryChick says

    Thank you so much for all of your encouraging comments! This is very motivating for me to take on some more men’s projects!

  21. says

    You did such an amazing job! It looks very clean and professional. Great fabric choice. I just made a shirt for my husband earlier this month for the first time, too. 🙂

  22. says

    Your placket is perfect. I am making shirts for my son that have those wrist plackets and am struggling. When I get better, I would love to make my husband a shirt.