A 70’s Vibe- Violette Fields Thread Emmaline

Violette Fields Threads Emmaline dress sewn by Sew Country ChickThis weekend I made Miss G her floor length maxi dress made with the fabric she picked out at Joann earlier this summer. I used the Violette Fields Emmaline pattern also bought at Joann and we are both happy with the results! This photo was taken at dusk on the road near our home. I love this lighting, but it doesn’t really show off the colors of the fabric as much as the photos I took earlier in the day down at the beach.

I’m loving the 70’s vibe here. We went to a school picnic after the beach and quite a few moms came up to me to tell me they had worn similar dresses when they were children back in the 70’s.Violette Fields Threads Emmaline dress sewn by Sew Country ChickViolette Fields Threads Emmaline dress sewn by Sew Country Chick

Groovy baby!Violette Fields Threads Emmaline dress sewn by Sew Country ChickPattern review

Pattern fit

 Perfect out of the envelope. Her measurements matched the size 6 and it fits very well. Since she’s taller then the height for that age , I added an inch to the bottom bodice pieces.

Pattern draft

Overall, well drafted. The directions have you cut your own rectangular pieces for the skirt. I like not having to cut out a big square when I could just as easily draw it right on the fabric. The directions also have you cut your own two inch wide bias strips for the armhole bindings and the neck strap. However, it doesn’t tell you how long to make them so you are left to figure that out for yourself.  I also omitted the triple ruffle at the bottom and drafted my own ruffle that was double the width of the skirt.

Pattern Instructions

These pattern instructions are designed for beginners. I often find these types of instructions for beginners to be overly wordy and complicated, making things that should be simple and straightforward seem really hard. Like, you don’t need to tell me that I need to leave my needle down and raise the presser foot when coming to a point three separate times in the instructions. It’s redundant. If I were a beginner, I would have been intimidated with these instructions, and after getting confused about how to sew the bias pieces to the v neck ruffled neckline, I gave up and went my own way. Also, the photos of the steps are using a light colored patterned dress up against a white background making it almost impossible to see the processes being explained. I prefer technical drawings to photos. Like those found in Japanese pattern books.

I also didn’t understand the instructions on sewing the bias seam to bind around the the V neck and had some trouble. I found this tutorial for sewing bias tape to a V neck which helped me figure it out.

Overall Opinion

The pattern itself is really good and we both love the details. Although I found the instructions overly complicated and confusing, I will still make this again as the fit is perfect and it was a simple sew. Plus, it was a huge hit at the school barbecue! I look forward to trying another Violette Fields pattern and may pick one up next time at Joann’s. They do have a larger selection of PDF’s in their online shop, but you probably know by now, I don’t fuss with PDF’s if I can get a printed pattern. Call me old fashioned.Violette Fields Threads Emmaline dress sewn by Sew Country ChickViolette Fields Threads Emmaline dress sewn by Sew Country ChickHappy sewing!


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    • says

      Thanks! Now that you mention it that fabric doess look like Peter Max! I used to have a great Peter Max scarf.

  1. Brenda Kimberlin says

    Beautiful — I had a dress just like that when I was young as well – yes, in the 70’s! And I loved it, I was so sad when I grew out of it.

  2. Carol Gardiner says

    Totally groovy dress. I am glad to hear Gigi likes it. It looks so comfortable. A great look for the beach and lots of other places.