A 1958 Red Underwood Typewriter For Lily

My nine year old is a vintage collector. She has a collection of vintage Breyer horses, 60’s Madame Alexander dolls, and vintage Barbies. Ok, maybe she is a little on the eccentric side for her age. But I think she is totally cool! She always jumps out of bed on the weekends to go to yard sales with me! 
She became interested in typewriters a few months back and spent hours researching them on Etsy and E-Bay. They were way too expensive so I told her that if she was lucky she might get one for Christmas. Well, she lost interest in typewriters and I forgot all about it. But lo and behold, I was at the thrift shop a couple of weeks ago at the half off sale and I found this beauty complete with a red case. 
Do you know that feeling you get when you find an incredible vintage deal? My hands were a little shaky and my adrenaline was pumping. I felt like someone might come and grab my typewriter from me so I guarded it in the store carefully while I continued to shop. 
This 1958 beauty was only 5 dollars with the half off discount and it works perfectly. I won’t even tell you how much they are selling for on Etsy because that would be bragging….(OK I will)….. 450 dollars!!
Isn’t it a beauty?


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  1. Marie says

    Now that’s what I call a bargain and what a beauty that typewriter is!!!

  2. says

    love this! i just posted on my hand-me-down typewriter from my momma. it is a 1970s or early 80s. not nearly as old as that one!

  3. Karen says

    What a find!!! Yes, I recognize that feeling – the successful hunt for treasure! 🙂

  4. says

    And it works, even better. If it didn’t here is a very cool shop in Highland Park that still repairs typewriters
    US Office Machine Co
    5722 North Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90042-4202
    (323) 256-2111 ‎

  5. Anonymous says

    Hey, cool content, but WordPress breaks it up on my monitor. Maybe it’s the plugin you have on the site. Have you considered a different CMS?

  6. Sew Country Chick says

    @ Cation. thanks I know you will too someday!
    @ Leah, Thanks for the typewriter resource! I grew up not far from Highland Park!
    @ Anoymous…not sure what CMS is!

  7. Anonymous says

    But you didn’t tell us what Lily’s reaction was….don’t leave me hanging!!!!

  8. Sew Country Chick says

    Oh she loved it and already wrote a letter but I have to order a fresh ink cartridge.

  9. OakRose Mama says

    this is so cool! I had an old typewriter for awhile but I finally sold it and now regret it 🙁 I’ll need to get another one of these days (p.s. your daughter is awesome)

  10. says

    As soon as I saw the picture of your red typewriter at the link party I had to see it bigger here at your blog. That was quite a score! I love it!