5 super cute free doll patterns & tutorials

Gigi has been asking me to make her another little girl fabric doll. She loved the one I made her from Simple Simon, pictured on my sidebar below, but the doll somehow disappeared, and I also lost the pattern which was part was a mail order kit. I wish I were more organized about filing away old patterns!fivererallycutefreedollypatterns

I didn’t really want to spend any money on a doll pattern, so I went in search of free doll patterns on the internet and would like to share my five favorite little girl doll patterns with you.

As an aside, I just bought some raw silk fabric at an estate sale in two natural looking colors, that would be perfect for making a darker skin colored doll and a lighter colored skin doll and for some reason, I avoided throwing away some brown felted wool scraps when I did my big fabric purge. So I don’t have to go out and buy anything for this project. Yay!

Adorable little girl doll from Girl. Inspired.

Cute Boy & Girl dolls at Make It And Love It.

The Black Apple doll at Martha Stewart. This one seems to be a huge favorite with doll makers.

The Josephine doll at While She Naps

Baby Bows Doll by Judi’s Dolls. This design looks a little harder to make than the others. It’s similar to the Waldorf dolls I used to buy for my older girls. Gigi really likes this one.

This rag doll pattern from Burdastyle isn’t free, but it is only ninety nine cents and I think it’s adorable!

Hopefully, you all don’t already now these tutorials! I am a little late to the game in doll making and it took me awhile to find these. so I hope if you are a dollmaking novice like I am, this helps you in your doll making pattern search!

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  1. Justine says

    Very cute, Justine. 🙂 I’m a novice with doll making, too, but I sure used to love my Raggedy Ann doll. I was excited when I got to purchase another Raggedy Ann, for me, a couple of years ago, to replace my first one that I had when I was little. I hope you have fun playing doll dress-up with Gigi.

    I also loved your costumes you made for that play last week!! Those were beautifullly done! You’re an awesome seamstress!!

    • says

      Thank you so much for the encouragement Justine! i’d love to see your Raggedy Ann doll!I had one I loved, too.