5 Spring 2015 fashion trends to sew now


Have you been planning your spring sewing? I’ve been researching spring fashion trends to get inspired to use fabrics from my stash and patterns I already own. Read on to see 5 fashion trends for spring and how I’m interpreting them to work for me and my lifestyle. And find a few ideas for your own sewing as well!

1. Sew some high waisted flares.
Yes, flares are back in a big way! Not the low waisted thong strap baring ones a la 1999, (ick) but a more flattering and forgiving high waisted version. I happen to love them, as they are so much more flattering to most women than the skinny jeans that have been in fashion for the past several years, and I was sad to banish them way back when. Those of you considering sewing some skinny jeans, might want to reconsider, and sew some flares, since skinny jeans are most likely on their way out.  Stylists have been predicting the end of the skinny jean trend for the past year, yet it still lives on. But we, meaning people not in the fashion zeitgeist, probably have a year or two of wearing the skinny jean left , before it’s done . That’s about how long it takes for fashion trends to trickle down to the mainstream i.e.-me. I just have too many skinny jeans in my closet, to dump them just yet! So I won’t be giving mine away, anytime soon.

I probably won’t get around to sewing any high waisted flares, since I have a perfect pair of 70’s inspired pair already, from Lucky Brand. I’m glad I saved them!

Adding a flare to a jeans pattern is simple to do, and I’m sure there are plenty of online tutorials to be found to show how.

flare Collage

1. Sew a dress or something else in a huge and insanely gorgeous floral print.


floral.original.585x0Who doesn’t LOVE a big, gorgeous floral print and there are plenty to be seen on runways this spring. However, finding a big gorgeous print fabric to sew with? it’s doable! Here are my plans for floral prints this season:floral1

I bought this stretch woven at The Fabric Store sale a few weeks ago. I think it would look cute sewn up in some shorts.floral2I’ve had this beautiful silk border print for a few years and want to finally use it. I’d like to make it up in something in a full skirt to show off the border, like this pattern from my stash:floral

3. Sew something in gingham fabric.

main.original.585x0I have the perfect project already planned to take advantage of the spring gingham trend.ginghamA gingham shirt dress. Classic.

4. Sew something with a military inspiration.


Here is my pattern and fabric in mind to interpret this trend.military

I bought this fabric above from a nice lady named Roz in Houston, who runs a company called Sew Much Fabric, when I went to the Susan Khalje class last September. She stopped by and had the prettiest fabrics, I couldn’t resist. I’ll have to face this fabric to give it more structure.military2

And this is another fabric and pattern I’ve had for about 5 years. Time to take it out of the closet!

5. Denim Clothing . Think dresses, tops, or culottes.

denimclothing CollageDenim clothing like dresses , skirts, and tops are big for spring. However, I’m worried that this trend will be too hot for me to wear. I’d love a denim jumpsuit. I do have a Burda jacket a made a few years ago, that I may pull out of rotation, though! It needs to be taken in a little. It’s funny how I think I did such a good job sewing something, and then a few years later I take it out and realize it’s not that great, after all. I guess that’s what’s so great about sewing . We are always learning and striving to get batter.meindenimjacket copy I’ve gotten better with fitting since then. But I probably won’t get around to it. I hate alterations!

So, do you like any of these spring fashion trends? If so, which one would you most likely sew?

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  1. says

    Thanks! I absolutely adore denim. your fitting skills are amazing. I totally get not liking alterations though!

    • says

      I don’t think I know one seamstress who enjoys alterations. But somehow everyone who doesn’t sew, thinks it is our favorite thing to do!

  2. Devonda Holloway says

    Yes! This post has given me so much inspiration for Spring/Summer! I am so excited about the gingham short set and the floral shorts! And that vintage pattern is EVERYTHING!

  3. says

    Justine, what cute spring ideas..
    I love gingham checks [always a favorite..and always turn out so cute, whether it be a top/skirt or dress?]
    Love the denim look too..
    Can’t wait to see what you make.. Happy sewing.

  4. says

    Great fashion trend post Justine. You hit all of the hottest trends. And thanks for the shout out!
    Looking forward to seeing the finished garments.