1940’s Romper For Me And Springtime In The Garden

The past few weeks I haven’t made much for myself and I felt like making something fun for spring.
I have always wanted to make myself a romper so I did.
I have been working away on projects for Gigi and Lily’s spring collection, entering them in The Project Run And Play Flickr pool and I have yet to win a challenge over there! It’s good fun, anyway. This is the last week so hop by and check it out! I will be posting my project on Friday.
 I also have some guest post tutorials I am working which I am pretty excited about!
The weather has been gorgeous and we have been spending a lot of time outdoors with Gigi, our almost three year old, trying to savor the brief time of her early childhood while her siblings are at school. It goes so fast…
I have to show you one of Richard’s roses. He is an amazing gardener.
Fun in the garden this week….

watercolor fun…

learning to catch the ball…

watering the tomatoes….. or is it tomatos?
Back to sewing now….
I quite like how my romper way turned out, as you can see from my pleased expression above.
Yes, I am over forty and  and no I don’t give a hoot if people think over 40 is too old for a romper!
The description on the pattern from the 1940’s describes this outfit as a “playsuit”. Somehow those two words, playsuit and romper do feel a bit too, juvenile perhaps?
How about short suit ?

It was sheer luck it happened to fit almost perfectly as I cut it straight from the pattern and didn’t fit it first. I wear a size 16 in 1940’s patterns. After getting over the initial shock of wearing a size 16 in anything, I have realized that any size 16 patterns from the 40’s always fit me pretty much perfectly and I rarely have to adjust them or make a muslin. 
Love that!
I usually have to adjust modern patterns a lot.

There is a tiny gap below my waist. I’ll have to add a hook and eye or cut down on the bread!

I love how 40’s patterns fit with the high waistline. And I love the sleeves from the forties!
I will have to wear this “playsuit” on my confident day as it is very LOUD!
The fabric is a vintage madras I had in my stash that I bought for around two dollars.
Once again, I was lucky as I didn’t lay out my pattern on the fabric to see if I had enough. As it was, I had to piece together the scraps left to make the undercollar. I had literally NO FABRIC left after I cut all the pieces.

This is our dog Milo. We call him Smilo as you can see from his cheeky grin!

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  1. Rebecca says

    This looks fantastic! The pattern and fabric look as if they were made for one another. Wear it with pride! :]

  2. Adele says

    I love it Justine, you look totally fab in it! It is very fun and frolicky looking and I am so impressed by your over 40 legs which look great (much better than my 37yr old cellulite ones!) Gorgeous!

  3. MushyWear says

    What a fun summer outfit! You wear it well! Smilo is so cute, the rose is so perfect looking, and your daughter looks like a great little helper.

  4. says

    Love it! I love rompers, whether people think they’re age-appropriate or not. I think you’re rocking this one. If the fit is right, who cares!

  5. Sew Blessed Maw says

    I love your rompers/jumpsuit or what ever you want to call them.They look so cute on you.. And oh how lucky you are that the vintage pattern fits you so well..with out having to adjust the pattern.. I hate those adjustmenst.yuck..[lol]
    Happy sewing.

  6. Shirley Ann says

    I might have to do that too! We can start an over 40 (I’m 44) 40’s trend 🙂 Great job and I think I’ll look for that pattern.

  7. cathym says

    I love your romper! I used to wear them all of the time but now I am closer to 60 than 40 (still not sure how that happened…). 🙂 I love to wear mid-calf overalls while gardening and have been thinking about sewing some new ones. You inspire me to do just that. I so love the vintage patterns you sew up and the unique look you give each one.

  8. Shirley Ann says

    Hi again! I replied to you on my blog, but not sure if you get notified of that! I’m so new at blogging. LOL

  9. hugsandkissesclothing says

    I think you look stunning in this! I have not yet tried making a romper yet – but I think I might very well have to put that at the top of my to do list for this summer xXx

  10. says

    Justine it looks fabulous on you!! I love the 40’s sleeves as well. 🙂 I turned 40 a few months ago and I always seem to worry “is this still okay to wear now that I’m 40?” I like your attitude!! I need to adopt it!!!!

  11. Connie says

    That is so cute, you wear vintage well. In the post above with your children in the french outfits, that’s classic, the little darlings look so cute. Thanks for sharing, I love vintage!

  12. Marie says

    Justine, your playsuit is gorgeous and you look a picture in it! I seriously love it! And how cute is ‘Smilo’!?!