10 Reasons to Comment on Blogs

I’m a busy blogger this June.
ย As well as Me Made March I’m participating in the 31 Days To Better Blogging On The Sits Girls. Today’s assignment is to publish a list post. I know I have friends and family who read my blog but they never comment.ย I read on problogger that only 1 in 100 visitors on blogs leave a comment.ย So here is a list of why it’s nice to leave a comment.
Those of you who already have blogs will probably already know most of this !

  1. It let’s the blogger know someone is reading out there.
  2. It creates a sense of community. I’ve read some great conversations in blog comments.
  3. If you have a blog and comment, chances are you will be visited by the blogger who you left a comment with.
  4. Even on big blogs, most bloggers read all of their comments.
  5. If you learned something useful from the post it’s nice to let the writer know by leaving a comment. Bloggers often spend hours writing free tutorials.
  6. If you think you have a helpful critique, that’s often appreciated too.
  7. Even if you don’t feel you have anything interesting to add to the comment section, something simple like “cool” or “I agree!” is OK to write.
  8. It’s the modern day equivalent of leaving a calling card.
  9. Being a lurker all the time is a lonely way to exist in blogland.
  10. Because I love to read them!


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  1. Lulu Lane Designs says

    Hee hee.. I’ll be the first to leave a comment on this! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure everyone (well maybe everyone) would love to get more comments. I try to comment if I have something to say. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jilly Be says

    OK I’ll comment! ๐Ÿ˜€ I enjoy your blog, and could have sworn I ‘followed’ you ages ago, but something slipped through the cracks. I’ll try again, so that you can be on my regular reading enjoyment list ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Smarty Pants Mama says

    Love it!!! Great reasons to comment. You made me feel very proud to be leaving you a comment!

  4. A.J.A. says

    I agree with all of this! As I said on the other comment, sometimes I read without leaving a comment ’cause I am reading from my phone and it makes commenting a P.I.T.A. One thing that can make it easier is when the blogger has enabled the mobile version of their blog. I just did this recently myself. Here are instructions in case you are interested.
    You have to use blogger in draft, but it is not too hard.
    Neat post!

  5. Anna. Kathryn Vaughn says

    Thank you for this. If I didn’t check my stats I would not know that people actually do read my blogs. In almost two years, I have only one comment.

  6. Rebecca says

    These are all such great points! I love getting comments on my own blog. Blogging probably wouldn’t be as fun without getting comments. :]

  7. Melissa @ Love Affair With My Brother says

    Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes I forget to comment because I follow so many blogs, then I remember that it will probably brighten someone’s day and hopefully they will do the same on my blog.

  8. says

    A big part of blogging is commenting – leaving comments, reading comments, and replying to comments. This is a great list pointing out why we should remember to do so. Good post!

  9. K2 says

    You know you are going to get a ton of comments, right? LOL. I’m with you, I wish people would comment more.

  10. MJ/Sweetwater Cloth says

    I sometimes feel a bit stalker-ish when I comment on every blog post I read – even though they are all on different people’s blogs (I read everything through google reader and just go down the list).

    This brings up some good points though, so I won’t feel that way anymore!

  11. says

    I found via the SITS31DBBB forum. I love this! The comments are what makes blogging feel like a real community – so important! Great list. So glad to have found your beautiful site.

  12. Sarah says

    just fell upon this blog today. I LOVE your style. obvoiusly you are super talented. i am just getting into sewing and have only made some simple curtains so far. my mother was an avid quilter and i am a knitter. she was never into doing clothes but i hope i can learn. keep up the great posts!

  13. Ryan, Corrie, Max, and Jack says

    Oh so true!! A friend of mine said that she felt like when people left comments the were handing her a piece of chocolate.