Order of garment construction.

garment order

Are you tired of confusing pattern sewing instructions in today’s sewing world? Or do you want to design your own clothes or patterns, but aren’t sure how to actually sew them together once you’ve drafted or draped your design? There is an established order to clothing construction. I learned it in fashion school years ago. […]

Cleaning out my college son’s room. sniff.


My son left for his senior year of college last week. And my youngest has been living in a small room connected behind our bedroom that we recently have demo’d to make a master bathroom. So now she doesn’t have a room. She’s been sharing with her sister as well as crawling in with us, […]

Simplicity 1354 in a vintage floral cotton

simplicity 1354

It’s been some time since I’ve made a fitted dress. I’ve made several easy to make and wear pieces this summer, so this dress was a return to more difficult sewing. I’ve been working on it for the past three weeks. Ten minutes in the evening, or maybe a half hour in the morning. I […]

Goat Girl Doll and mom’s campout


This just may be the ugliest creature I’ve ever created. Half goat, half girl. But, her Peter Pan collar looks good! So here I am thinking I want to make one of those big headed skinny armed dolls for Gigi again. The kind that are all over Pinterest and that I bought a kit for […]

Inside The Fabric We Sew With : Being More Mindful


One of the reasons I started sewing my own wardrobe in 2010 was the result of a trip I took to Thailand. I saw a garment factory there, and learned that many popular brands were producing in Thailand, so I started doing some research into third world sweatshops. To learn more about the fast fashion […]

My over consumption and sewing blogging


Lately, I’ve been editing my possessions, trying to sell excess furniture on Craigslist, and giving lots of stuff away. I’ve had to move all my fabrics into the garage for storage while we’re in the midst of building a new master bath and closet. I didn’t realize how much fabric I had until I moved […]

Ten Tips For Keeping Goats


Have you been thinking about getting some goats? Fear not, it’s not as hard as it seems. I have some goat keeping tips to share with you today. Meet my goat Phoebe  If this ex city girl can take care of four goats and keep them in one piece, you probably can, too. But first, […]

Shabby Apple at The Del Mar Races


Many of you have probably heard of the Shabby Apple online dress shop and have entered one of their online giveaways. I’ve hosted two giveaways from them in years past, myself. So when they contacted me to review a dress, I decided it would be fun to do a review of one of their dresses […]