Minimalism and sewing


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Every year as a sewing blogger I go through the garments I’ve sewn and I’m often surprised at the amount I’ve made. Yes, the minimalism trend is big now, and I’ve been embracing many of the ideas of it, too. […]

Top stitching knits tip: Oliver’s rock climbing sweater


Three words: Tear Away Stabilizer I’m sewing a Merino Stretch Knit Wool zip up sports top for my son to wear rock climbing. The pattern I’m using is Jalie 2212, and I’m really loving all the seams and design details. The directions have you top stitch the seams which is a great idea to keep […]

Patterns: Which do you prefer? PDF, paper, or tissue?

What types of sewing patterns do you prefer to sew with? Paper, tissue, or PDF’s? Personally I prefer tissue, then paper, and only make PDF patterns if I’m desperate, and can’t find something similar in paper. Why I like tissue the most: Because tissue is flexible, I can pin fit it to my padded out […]

Make a Cozy Duvet Cover from flannel sheets


Flannel duvet covers are soooo cozy! But it’s hard to find cute designs for kids rooms and when I have found them, they’re a lot more expensive than sheets, which doesn’t really make sense, because a duvet cover is really just two sheets sewn together. And it’s hard to find cute designs for kids rooms. […]

DIY Denim Engineer Coveralls!


I have been obsessed with making a pair of coveralls for the last three months. Sometimes it takes a few months to get to things on my sewing to do list. It all started when I saw Peter from Male Pattern Boldness’ pair he made last summer. I knew I wanted to make some too, […]

Saint’s Day And All Hallow’s Eve party for first graders


  Every year we have not one, but two costumes to put together for the kids; one for the All saint’s Day performances at school, and another for Halloween Day. Gigi as Saint Kateri. The first Native American to become a Catholic Saint.And on Halloween as a  vampire Rapunzel.Lily as Saint Catherine , who appeared […]

Fall Fashion 2015 Sewing Ideas: The tie neck silk dress


Fluttery tie neck dresses are popular this fall. Why not make your own? Above is an example of a sewing pattern and fabric combo to achieve this popular style. Elasticated waist, tie neck Burdastyle dress pattern. Jason Wu silk georgette from Mood Now if I could only find this Saint Laurent dress in a pattern……I’m […]