Simplicity 1461 with Indian Fabric


Today is a good day. I finished my Indian Fabric tunic and last night we finally from Oliver, who’s been rock climbing through Patagonia on an epic four month long trip. The type you take when you’re a twenty one year old eager to see the world. It had been a month that we hadn’t […]

Sleeveless Chambray Military Shirt: McCall’s 6436


  I finished another button down shirt and am I over sewing these for awhile! This was actually supposed to have long sleeves. I read some other reviews that complained about the ease on the sleeves to this pattern, McCall’s 6436 so I set upon removing the 3 inches of ease from the sleeve. The […]

Styling my handmade stuff: Urban Military


  Once in awhile I find myself waking up my inner punkette. This pleather trimmed sweatshirt I made seemed destined to be worn with some matching pleather trimmed jeans, my handmade quilted pleather bag and my combat boots on a recent trip to Mood and The Getty Center. Yes, I have my sweatshirt on backwards!After […]

Indian Stamp Printing : Simplicity 1461


  Indian stamps are a great way to get a handcrafted boho look on your sewing projects and create your own original printed fabrics. Plus, it’s fun! Woodblock printing is an ancient technique that most likely originated in ancient Egypt. Textiles were also printed this way in Medieval Europe. The monks in monasteries made their […]

A red flannel negroni for my husband


  I finished another shirt for my husband. Yippee! And it fits! I love this cotton flannel fabric. It’s thick , warm, and not too fuzzy. I have no idea who the designer is. I bought is at Fabric Town, my lovely, old fashioned neighborhood fabric store with a 1960’s sign out front. I used […]

McCall’s 6996 Shawl Collar knit cardigans


  I bought a McCall’s pattern on sale for $ 1.50 and used some inexpensive print fabric to check the fit. A wearable muslin. The sleeves are too long and the shoulders a bit too wide, but with an adjustment the fit will be good. I sewed a size 10.  I don’t think I’ll make […]

DIY Turtleneck – An easy pattern change


  I was going to make another plain scoop neck 3/4 long sleeve tee. After cutting, I had a good amount of the Merino wool left, but not enough to do anything worthwhile with. I wanted to use up the fabric and get my money’s worth,and the top needed something extra, so I added a […]