New chickens & prepping for goats!


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Spring has sprung around here. Actually, it’s 93 degrees outside today, so it feels more like summer. We’ve been fixing up the place, making the chicken area bigger to welcome our new chickens as well as…..GOATS! Yes, we’ll be […]

5 Spring 2015 fashion trends to sew now


Have you been planning your spring sewing? I’ve been researching spring fashion trends to get inspired to use fabrics from my stash and patterns I already own. Read on to see 5 fashion trends for spring and how I’m interpreting them to work for me and my lifestyle. And find a few ideas for your […]

Spring dress in vintage rayon


I finished the dress for Lily! While it just looks like a simple basic dress and it is, getting the pattern right was a little difficult. Post here. I thought I had had everything fitted perfect, but that wasn’t the case. The armholes cut into her uncomfortably, the neck was gaping, and we didn’t discover […]

Sew It All TV !

At Sew It All today. A photo posted by Justine (@sewcountrychick) on Nov 20, 2014 at 4:13pm PST Hi readers! The Lenten decluttering of the mind, body and spirit is coming along. I’m making it to Mass more. And logging in lots of time at the gym, trying new workouts like Tabata, TRX, and Crossfit, […]

Lily’s Basic Block- Draping To The Body


So after draping a basic block on my dress form ( post 1 ) and havingĀ  failure of a fitting session on Lily ( post 2), I started over and draped a bodice directly to her body, which was actually quite quick to do. It turns out she isĀ  a lot smaller than my dress […]

Fitting Problems On Lily’s Basic


So yesterday I draped a basic block on my form, since it’s measurements and Lily’s are similar. But when I tried the muslin on Lily, there were a lot of problems, some of which I’m not sure how to solve. Like how big the back is. I was talking with some sewing friends on Facebook […]

Draping A Basic Design Bodice Block


After doing our closet purge, we realized Lily needs some new dresses. She’s outgrown kids sizes because they’re too short- waisted . She fits into the adult petite sizes now, but it’s hard to find modest dresses for a girl her age. Plus, i just feel like making a cute seersucker shirt dress for her! […]

The Forty Bags Challenge & The Magical Art Of Tidying Up


This Lent I’ve decided to do a few things to “get my house” in order . A sort of major spring cleaning for my body, my house, and my soul. So needless to say, I haven’t been sewing a whole lot lately, because I’ve been busy trying to learn new habits. I’ll start with a […]