How to start making money with your sewing: book review


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! I was looking for a book specific to starting a custom bridal and dress business and wasn’t having any luck. I already had a book called Sewing to sell, which I reviewed here, but it’s written for people who […]

Starting a custom sewing business


Hi readers! I’ve been taking a break from my usual sewing routine because I’ve moved everything out of my dining room to my garage which I’m converting to my sewing and design studio! Yes, after six years of blogging and creating some really space hogging projects from my dining room, I’m creating an official studio […]

Sewing shearling. Exposed lap seam tutorial


I love the look when a faux or real shearling coat has the fuzzy wool inside parts exposed on the outside. Those fuzzy seams make a nice design element on this little coat I made. Today I’m sharing how I made these seams. They’re quite simple, yet make a nice impact. I’ve sewn the seams […]

Draft and sew a pleated flap safari pocket


I’ve been sewing quite a few flapped pockets lately and have experimented with my favorite way to sew them. Here’s how to transform a basic pocket into a pleated safari pocket with buttoned flaps. Or just draw one up yourself. This is the simpler version of the two pockets I made on my DIY Safari […]

Faux Shearling Coat New Look 6416 pattern hack


First post of 2016! Happy 2016, readers! I made this faux shearling coat last week and gave it to my stepdaughter for Christmas. I’d love to make myself one, too, but doubt I’ll get around to it anytime soon. That’s the best kind of gift, isn’t it? Something you love,too. This is the second version […]